Thursday, November 06, 2008


Sometimes don't you just enjoy it when someone instantly exclaim "EXACTLY" right after you say something? :)
Me: Owh I SO wish that KTSN has its own swimming pool!

Jason: EXACTLY! And a music room, too!

Had a nice chat with Jason after dinner. And the same with Kevin and Pau for yesterday's. Nowadays I find quality moment such as a heart-lifting, lung-choking and six-packs-building conversation with friends doesn't come easy. Maybe because it's exam season. I realise many things have become too luxury for ordinary people to acquire. Like a good joke, a favourite song, choices of food (change the menu please, KTSN cafe!), time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, or simply a quiet moment to hug a book on the bed. And I felt awesome (sounds like Kevin) whenever I got the chance to experience one of them. If you've also experienced one of them in this week, then good for you! You're now filthy rich! =)

Exam tomorrow afternoon. After that will rush out to meet my friend at Pavilion for dinner and probably a movie. Don't tell the KTSN guard but my friend will be bunking in with me for tomorrow night, yay!


Joan Isabel said...

i am gonna send a secret note to de guard!!!! :P

pris said...

woohoo babe! thumbs up to fun FUN FUN!!!