Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Warm War

I just got to blog about this! Haha :)
Had a brief Facebook-wall-vandalizing war with Kevin and I surrendered after reading the last message *smile* Here goes:

U habis lah, I told Ai Huey about what you keep boasting about ;-p

Kevin Tan:
well i'll be the first to admit that i'm her number one fan^^
of course a humble spec such as myself would not be able to contain his excitement when such a supreme goddess takes time out of her day to call me, albeit for official things such as debate:)

nah ur just jealous i dont do it when u call me blueeekk

HHHH Well, Ai Huey just wished me good luck for my exam, too! :p

And I thought you're Darryl's No1 KIPAS (I mean, fern, no, FAN!)?? 


Kevin Tan:
i am a fan of alot of people. im a fan of darryl's cuteness and xu vin's funniness and john's prettiness and qian yi's sportiness and keh len's mcDness and kok joo's nenekness and pau's cheongping-ness and alison's siren-ness and jonathan's handsomeness and fea's brittishness and jun hoe's huggableness and jason's weatherman-ness and last but not least cherlinn's HHHHHness!

Everyone should come and read this, that's very funny yet sweet of him. There's something very special about every person in our lives. And that's what you'll learn to appreciate when you see the ultimate uniqueness of each other that bind us together despite the difference.

Still smiling :-)

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