Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm -no- Baby Dinosaur!

I've always thought being called dinosaur in my debating team is a complement or a sign of respect. I'm not sure who actually started the usage, but I never thought it could mean something degrading. As all the debaters who're from my batch have graduated (Taiko's official graduation will be next year), they are now officially dinosaurs. Whereas me, in my 4th year, since technically I'm still in Uni, I am not a dinosaur.
My KTSN juniors like to call me dinosaur, fossils or anything in relation to the ancient Flintstone age. 

Since the recent training camp, Jun Hoe however, disallows me to use the term on myself. He always reminds me that I'm no dinosaur whenever I tried to twist the term, saying something like "I'm a baby dinosaur lalalala~" or "I'm going to shop for my Halloween dinosaur outfit" etc.

Of course, he's only kidding, but he explained being called a dinosaur isn't really a complement, because:
"After all dinosaurs were these huge creatures with small brains who move slowly and have to eat tonnes a day to maintain their metabolism and eventually got wiped out, which gave way to small, agile, rat-like mammals. "
I choked. That shall be my favourite joke of the month =)

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Kevin Tan said...

aww don't worry, we all love u and u'll forever be our old hag^^