Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Top Changes

2007 has been a dramatic year. At least in the political scene, quite a number of major political figures have been changed or elected officially. Here are some that I know:

16th May 2007 - Nicolas Sarkozy succeeded Jacques Chirac as the 23rd President of French Republic and assumed office on the said date.

20th May 2007 - Jose Ramos Horta succeeded Xanana Gusmao (current Prime Minister) as the 2nd President of East Timor.

15th June 2007 - Salam Fayyad was appointed the 6th Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority, succeeding Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas.

27th June 2007 - James Gordon Brown succeeded Tony Blair (Anthony Charles Lynton Blair) as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom as well as Leader of the Labour Party (on 24th June 2007).

15th July 2007 - Shimon Peres succeeded Moshe Katsav as the 9th President of the State of Israel.

8th August 2007 - Xanana Gusmao succeeded Estanislau da Silva as the 4th Prime Minister of East Timor.

14th September 2007 - Viktor Zubkov succeeded Mikhail Fradkov as the Prime Minister of Russia.

26th September 2007 - The 90th Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe resigned abruptly on 12th September 2007 after less than one year in office. He was then replaced by Yasuo Fukuda.

16th November 2007 - Muhammad Mian Soomro succeeded Shaukat Aziz as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

25th November 2007 - Nader al-Dahabi succeeded Marouf al-Bakhit as the Prime Minister of Jordan.

3rd December 2007 - Kevin Rudd succeeded John Howard as the 26th Prime Minister of Australia in the 2007 Federal Election on 24th Nov 2007.

10th December 2007 - Cristina Fernández de Kirchner succeeded her former-president husband Néstor Carlos Kirchner Ostoić in the October 2007 General Election in Argentina.

20 December 2007 - Lee Myung-Bak was elected as the President of South Korea, succeeding Roh Moo-Hyun and will assume office on 25th Feb 2008.

In the mean time, Pakistan will hold their election in January 2008 and we can expect Vladmir Putin’s second term as President of Russian Federation will expire in May 2008. Also, US Presidential Election of 2008 will be held on 4 Nov 2008.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Gift

Dear Santa:

This year’s Christmas will be my second meaningful Christmas. Though I didn’t quite celebrate it last year, but I think being at home will be the best gift for every Christmas, including and especially this year’s.

There was this Pre-Worlds Debate Tournament held in Nanyang Technology University in Singapore. We’d received their invitation around October and (myself specifically)decided to attend it since then, despite my no-experience-in-leading-a-debate-team-to-neighbour-country-ness, and directionless-ness, with my passport status still questionable.

The tournament was happening on 22nd – 23rd Dec 2007, the weekends before Christmas. Though we can’t expect a white Christmas in Singapore, but I believe it’ll be quite an experience for us in the debating team. Another international debating tournament and we can spend our time visiting Singapore during Christmas.

Some personal reasons why I wanted to go there so badly is not only because it’ll be a great chance for me to learn different debating styles and watch some higher level debates, but it’s also some diplomatic reasons.

I’ve met some debaters from NTU during my Australs this July. They are friendly and good debaters, too. At least we remember each other’s name and we still keep in touch on Facebook after Australs. I get to know this tournament through Neha. Hence, this was my diplomatic and friendship part of the reason to go there.

Since we are not going for Worlds in Assumption University in Thailand due to some bureaucracy mistakes , I hope at least I can go for this Pre-Worlds during my holiday, to keep myself from rusted. Without further doubt, I posted the invitation letter on our yahoogroup and waited for people to join me in this.

At first, I told NTU committee that we’ll be sending 2 teams and 1 adjuds there. Later, as more and more people wanted to go, I inform NTU again that we’ll be sending 4 teams and 3 adjuds. It was double the amount. I felt like giving them a high hope that we’re so supportive of their tournament. And the number kept increasing – even after the registration date and we have to pay extra for the late-registered names. All these became like a false hope to them when finally UKM decided not to give us money for it.

To cut the story short, my parents were quite unhappy when I insisted to go alone. I felt the responsibility to go because UKM team which were suppose to be consisted of 5 teams and 4 adjuds had shrinked to …none? I thought at least we have to send a representative. However, I decided to pull out last minute when I decided it won’t do me any good to go there and face the odds alone, as my return ticket was not yet guaranteed and I might end up no place to stay because it’s near Christmas. I gave up and I thought I heard a voice inside me said I’ve made the right decision.

I spent the rest of my holiday at home, reading Sophie Kinsella (Undomestic Godness), my all time favourite author for feminine fiction now, playing online Scrambles at Facebook (Gosh, I totally hooked on it!) and watching TV to a lesser extent.

I have no mood to update my blog because I wasn’t quite in the mood to talk about my disappointment regarding this NTU issue. Now I understand how the Worlds issue mentioned above has hit Jun Hoe badly and (correct me if I’m wrong) demotivated him. The bad news of no funding from UKM has hit my severely and I felt all my anticipation and preparation were wasted. It thoroughly threw me down from the mountain of hope and crushed my spirit for debate. At that instant I really lost hope in UKM and future debate tournaments. I doubt if they will continue to support us for coming tournaments. I doubt if we will continue to fight for UKM reputation as hard as we did in previous tournaments. I doubt if the debating team has the same high spirit for debate as we used to.

Come to think of it now, again, I can see things happened for a reason. If not because of unsupportive-ness from UKM (yet, I’m still sooo not going to thank them for this), I wouldn’t spend my Christmas at home. I wouldn’t have time to laze at home and finished my Sophie Kinsella my sister bought me and my friend, Sheue Fen brought me from UK. I don’t have debate trainings up till mid night and it was an enjoyable read – my real holiday. And the most important part is: I’m at home with my family =)

With this, I pray that my gift this year is to see everyone have a Blessed, Merry Christmas. I thank God for all the decisions He guided me to make and I’ll always trust God to lead me to the correct path. Whenever you have doubt or indecisive, ask God! Tell Him your problem and listen to Him, He’ll show you to way to life. This time, I’ve never felt so peaceful in my heart after the decision - to decide between debate or not debate. It’s my first time to give up debate. And I’ve made a right choice by listening to God.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Palestinian Refugee

Have you ever wonder where would you be if your home land happens to be destroyed by armies of other nations?

Most Malaysian never think of this problem, which is too far a problem for us. Not many of us know that refugees live in refugee camps, not any old-folks home or orphan shelter where unloved persons are sent there to be looked after. Refugee camps are those camps we see in movies like Blood Diamond, made of tents, not bricks, and have very limited supply of daily necessity or hygene standard.

Most of us never want to understand the history behind all these refugees. It all happened around 1947. Israel announced independence on 14th May 1948 but was attacked by its neighbouring Arabic countries on the next day. Of course, they retaliated back and with the help of US and other big power, they won the war and created a lot of Palestinian refugees, most of them Arabs. Another incident was the 1967 six-days war. It, too, created quite a number of refugees.

I felt sorry for how the Jews were treated back then, when the Arabs were the one who kept rejecting any partition plan suggested by British or United Nation to create a Jewish state and an Arabic state to separate these two races to keep them from killing each other. Jews were always the one being oppressed worldwide (during Roman empire, Ottoman empire, British ruling, Holocaust in Europe and other countries and etc) and killed, and hence migrating here and there before they decided to come back to their holy land in Israel.

However, now we can see that US and UN has recognised the sovreignty of Israel but not Palestine and their economy condition is a lot better than their counterpart: The former's GDP is $170b and Palestine's is at $5.55b according to Wikipedia. Jews condition have been improved but 7.2 milliom Palestinian refugees are still living in camps today.

Those Palestinian refugees who were present during the conflicts back then were very young. They might not even know why they fled their home 60 years ago. They might only remember the day when they wake up and find the adults busy packing some belongings and clutched their hand to join a larger crowd heading to don't-know-where. They might remember the long walk under the hot sun, with bombs destrying their home and they never have the heart to turn back and look at the mess - their home are burnt down yet they couldn't do anything to save them. They might thought they'll leave for a while then they'll be able to come back again. 60 years later, they are still waiting.

Christians will say : support the Israelis! Muslim will say : support the Palestinians! However, as a Christian myself, I think I just wanted to support those being oppressed.

Pictures will tell you the impossible condition for the camps to continue to support the swelling number of refugees. Statistics will tell you the money we need to pump in to support the growing number of refugees - their medical condition, their education, water supply and etc. But with your heart, it will tell you the pain these refugees went through.

Some of them still hold the keys to their house. All they want is just to go back to that piece of land they call home and have a life. They might not know the key no longer serves a purpose because the building might not be there anymore. Yet, it's the sense of belonging that keep them holding on to their Right of Return.

We are living in our comfort zone for too long and we have found a way to keep ourselves away from the undesirable scene in a refugee camp. We are reluctant to understand how a refugee feels as a person belongs to nowhere. They don't have the past as most of them are the descendants of the direct victims; they don't have the future either as the Roadmap to peace talk are still progressing at a very slow pace. They only have the present.

And we have the present, too. It all started with understanding and from there, we can go a long way to relieve a soul.

Are you willing to help? Click here to read more.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coffee Addiction Test

So, I'm not really a coffee addict, you see.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Same old, same Old

Met up with old schoolmates this evening. It was a planned gathering and everything went well.

I met up with my best friend since high school, Say Li, first, as planned. We have more things to share and since we've been catching up with each other as we meet on MSN previously, it was easier for us to catch up. We then watched The Golden Compass after we left Starbucks. The movie was alright - the plot, the acting, the presentation, the sound effect and such. Yet it ended with us hanging with the conclusion. Crap, so there is come back of it? This movie was less than 2 hours and I wasn't very happy about this. I was the one suggested to watch this movie at the first place alright. However, how was I suppose to know the story line seemed too simple? It was creative, yet I wasn't satisfied.

Anyway, then had Pizza with her in Pizza Hut and showed her some Australs photo before heading Pelita at Autocity to meet up with other friends. Also present that night was Siang Chun (who came to pick us up from Penang Megamall), Sin Yee, Seen Sze, Pei Aun, Koh Ying and her boy friend Wei Bing who joined us later, Hong Hai, and Hui Sin. We chatted and shared whatever we felt like. It's not often for us to meet up, especially Seen Sze who has very pack and weird schedule from the most of us. Anyway, everyone of their presence made the gathering more meaningful than without.

It was a great day out and hope to see them again real soon.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Parents' 25th Marriage Anniversarry

It's been 25 years my parents were married. For all these years they haven't have the chance to celebrate it, can you believe it?

But this year, when all their children are grown up and sent to study elsewhere, then only they have time to celebrate it. My mum said they only manage to remember it on the first anniversarry yet they didn't get to celebrate it. After that my elder sister was born and since then, they were too busy to celebrate their wedding anniversarry.

How is it like to have a 25 years of marriage? A lot of husbands and wives will have different views from my parents', as every family is different and every couple has different story.

My parents used to quarrel with each other, occasionally. My parents used to travel with each other and bring us along for holidays. My father sometimes might forget our birthdays but he remembers to buy flower for my mum during Valentine's Day. My mum often prepares my dad's favourite dish and is a caring wife and mother. They hold hands while shopping for groceries in super market and now they are watching TV together!

What is it so new about husband and wife watching TV together? Well, since my dad is a pure Banana (English educated) and my mum only loves Chinese drama, since my dad loves action movies and my mum finds it meaningless, since my dad loves F1 and football but my mum doesn't watch sports, they rarely have common interest in the sense of TV programmes. Yet, now they are watching a current Chinese drama together - with my dad barely understands the dialougue and tries to catch the progress of the story visually; and when my dad is watching football, my mum's sitting next to him reading newspaper - at least she's there for him.

After 25 years of bringing up children together, sure they've been through a lot of hardships and challenges. Yet, they faced them together and their marriage is getting stronger everyday. I don't see happy ending in my parents' love story - when they are together, everyday is a new day and there's no ending to it!

To my parents: I'm glad to be your daughter and may your marriage continue to blossom for many, many years to come! Thanks for the love and shelter you've provided me, support and advices you've given me and lessons you've taught me. I'm growing into a more mature person and I want to take care of you as how you've taken care of me for the past 21 years. And I love you =)

Oh, we celebrated this special day (5th Dec) in a Japanese restourant, hee hee!

Hair cut with Mum

When is the last time you went to saloon with your mum? Man, I couldn’t remember. And this time, I am sitting right next to my mum and both of us have our hair cut at the same time.

I was thinking of having a hair cut or at least have a few snips at my fringe during this holiday and I happened to checked out this new saloon near my house a day before. The price is in the usual range but well, their deco are quite attractive. Hey, it helps, ok? At least I didn’t get the impression of “argh, old design, old fashion”. If I can afford to pay a little bit more, that means I expect result which is more than ordinary.

If you’ve been following my posts, there was once (in the post Hair Do), you can see that I really take good care of my hair. At least I don’t allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to handle my hair. A saloon’s impression (deco, skill, friendliness and etc) plays an important role in my decision making. I don’t want me to get shock at the result when it’s done and regret later.

And my mum happened to be thinking of having a hair cut, too! So we walked to the saloon in this fine Wednesday afternoon, wondering if it’s a good decision to let an unfamiliar hair dresser to have a go on our image.

Luckily, things turned out just fine. We told them what we had in mind and they also gave their suggestion. When my hair dresser and I finally came into agreement, I knew I can trust them enough by saying: you see how it fits and as long as it looked balance then it’s fine.

OHH, I just have to mention this: my hair dresser was such a cute guy! I wondered what cologne he used, he smelled like fruits yet it’s not too sweet like the usual fruity flavor fragrance. He was quite gentle too and eventually I felt sleepy. Ha! He was cute alright, but what’s the point when I had to remove my glasses for the entire session and I couldn’t see his face from the mirror? Anyway, his skill was satisfying as I had what I expected from him.

The idea of mum-is-sitting-next-to-me lingered all the while, too. I spent less and less time with my mum after Form 5. Now I should treasure more time to spend with my mum and do some girl stuff with her, no? We’ve done some shopping the other day, and I’m looking forward for more.

And one of the best part of outing with my mum is: I’m not paying, hee hee!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Offensive expression

Brought up in a family where “F***”, “S**t” or “A**” are considered as offensive words, I experienced cultural shock as my beloved debating friends say those words in front of me. Though they didn’t mean it to me, but I feel offended the same. It’s rude especially when you’re consciously saying it.

I understand the influence of media could be huge. People eventually take those words as a form of culture as the Westerners are doing it. As much as we’d like to follow their fashion trend or hum the latest pop single on the chart, we tend to assume this is a part of the cool culture we can adapt into our life style. You’ll be deemed nerdy if you are not speaking the “modern” language or deemed narrow-minded if you can’t accept those words in your conversation with others. True, their fashion sense at large is at the edging point, where new, out-of-the-box ideas always fascinate us, as well as their music-makers who love to explore new angle of this art. Yet, it doesn’t mean following what the idols say is good for us.

Some will say: It’s only a word; I’m not using a knife to stab you or cause you any physical harm. However, the point here is not whether one is hurt physically or mentally. It’s the idea of civilization of mankind.

As we’re moving forward to be more civilized in perception and action, new ideas and principles are being explored to bring us to a higher level of understanding of our relationship to the people around us. We’ve become more polite and self-conscious. We are aware of the importance of speaking with wisdom and respect. We acknowledge the role of speeches which is helpful to the others, not otherwise. Using these words with the intention to express the idea other than its original meaning is not going to help us to reach a higher level of communication, which is the center of building relationships and social networking. Not only it does not help us to express ourselves, such usage degrades the language itself.

No point arguing which language is more developed or sophisticated than the others or which is more widely used and accepted globally than the others. The point is, are we actually using language as a communication tool effectively? Nearly 20 years of education, what we learn is not only the academia knowledge for the sake of storing our brain with “something”, but it’s for the sake of nation development and at a larger picture, evolution of mankind. On order for us to reach this common goal, we need to work together, with people of all walks of life. Hence, the effectiveness of communication and ultimate relation skill play a crucial role. Politeness is one of the key factors to maintain a healthy and fruitful relationship with others.

Having said that, are these words too offensive for one to swallow? Some people have been exposed to it before they even learn to say “Mama”. To them, it’s just another term. To some people saying it out loud will bring them a cane at the back. To me, after 21 years of restriction from my parents and community circle around me (my relatives, my neighbours, my friends, my teachers and etc), the habit of using those words will never develop in me as I can suppress it consciously now. Yet, it doesn’t deny the fact that I’m brought up under the same exposure dose of Western movies and hits with my friends who often use those words in their conversation. My perception to them is – they are offensive words used by uncivilized people and it is rude.

And I believe I represent the voice of the generals because you don’t see any printed materials or subtitles using those words as a form of communication with the public. These words are even censored from movies or TV programmes, DJs and VJs never use them on show and etc. It’s obvious that the society doesn’t need this kind of expression in their daily life. They’ve found better way of expression. How about you?

I’ve tried not to wince whenever I heard my friends use those words (I’ve rarely heard someone use those words in my first 19 years of life, can you imagine the trauma I was at when I heard other uni friends use it in front of me?), still, the feeling of uneasiness has never been shielded from me even after long exposure from my debater friends. Even if they want to say: “I’m not saying it to you!” it doesn’t change the point of them being rude at that very moment, in my opinion.

Though I’m not saying that from now on I’m going to stay away from them because of these words, as I still see a lot of beautiful personal characteristics in them, I hope they’ll reduce the usage of such words or at least be more aware and sensitive towards the people within earshot.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Prayer 3

I thought I was going to let the previous post sticks at there (as the first post every time people view my blog) for a very very long time, or maybe I would not going to be able to move forward from there. At least that was what I think when I was writing it. Now, I've had new things which I'd like to blog about, and I find it is not the way to let myself stop there forever. The world is still a great place even as I move on from him.

The next person I'd like to pray for is Fea. She's my senior debater at UKM, Bangi, whom I always find things became so interesting, if not funny, when they're coming out from her. Serious. Read her blog and you'll end up smilling the whole day =)

Heavenly Father,

I'd like to put Fea into Your mighty hand, Lord. May you bless her abundantly in her everyday life, giving her what is the best for her according to Your will in her.

Father, last night we were having a little warm up training session for Royals at KTHO, UKM Bangi. I was really moved to see that she's the only 4th year senior there for the first half of the session. Not only was she punctual despite her busy schedule (of course, no one has the right to be late and let others to wait for him/her, but she's punctual and same as other juniors), but she's trying her best to give us guidance and lead the discussion on the Black Water Crisis, which we had a debate on prior to the discussion. Everyone was tired because of exam or other personal businesses and the training was held at night. Yet, she tried to keep the discussion going and asked questions to make us think by ourselves rather than always relying on her for information.

Before this, she's always been the senior who has done a lot for our UKM debating team. She's the one (if not Jun Hoe) to deal with the red tape stuff for us before Jerry takes over the team leader post. I've never known exactly how difficult it is to get UKM sponsoring us to tournaments, but I believe it's not what everyone would like to sacrifice their time for.

Fea has shown commitment for the entire time I am in the team. She's always there for trainings, camps and etc. Even the training for Australs way back this July, she's there everyday despite the fact that she was not the one going for Australs! She's there because she understands that with so little people, we couldn't get a complete round and the training wouldn't be fruitful at the first place. It's she, being the Iron Lady (giving two speeches in one round of debate) for the training so that we managed to have the rounds went on.

Fea's also very committed in training the juniors. It's very obvious that suppose it's my batch that do the training now and let them concentrate on their work. But sad to say, not many debaters of my batch stay for the team. To be accurate, there are only 5 of us left. Great. She's there for the juniors whenever they need to have training for the coming tournament, like NHSD, like MIEDC. Again, she's not going for the tournaments, yet attended and conducted the trainings.

Lord, I want to thank You for putting Fea in my life. I've seen the most beautiful thing in this debate team. People just love each other so much that they’re willing to sacrifice for each other, and not expecting anything for return. For all the hardships You put in her life, made her understands how difficult it is to have not enough people for trainings, to have not enough money to go for tournaments. And because of this, she's willing to make our journey not that difficult as hers, by burning herself out.

Like the light Lord, She's shown the way and kept the debating team going. Even myself sometimes will hesitate on my journey. But it's because she's always been a caring senior and I miss the time to have her around, I attended the trainings. And I've learnt to love debate if not because I'd love to meet people like her during trainings. I have to say this – If not because I wished to stay with her during the NHSD training at KTSN rather than just meeting her and go back to room for revision as planned, I wouldn’t have landed myself with a chance to go for Royals. It is how she’s been kind to me all this while that without she knowing it, she made me retrieved my opportunity which I thought I’ve lost.

During the second last training (the Deepavali training), she attended both days of the training. Went back to her room at the wee hour and continued her thesis till early morning the next day, which should be passed up in the coming 2 days. She was very busy, but she still can make it for the training and stayed there, not showing any sign of business, not complaining about the arrangement of the training, and willing to have less sleep because that. Lord, how many more times she kept quite like this? How many more time she's been enduring the tiredness and putting up a smiling face to meet us during training? She even let me have her bed while she slept on the floor the night I bunked in with her as the training ended too late.

Father, Fea is Your wonderful creation. Because not only she's been the Fea You made her, but also because she has made me know that You are a wonderful and creative God. May she find favour in Your eyes and may You show favour and mercy upon her, Lord.

Father I pray for her smooth progression of her thesis work. I pray for more wisdom and guidance to be blessed upon her. May You always send Your angels for her when she needs them. May Jesus’ precious blood protects her and also, bless her with good health, Lord, especially during thesis year. It's going to be a tough year and we know we can't avoid it. Yet, I ask for Your accompany with her throughout this period, and may her not stumble on her journey, yet walk with faith that everything is going to be fine.

Father I also want to pray for her good performance during this coming Royals. I pray for wisdom as she speaks and I pray for good rounds and fair adjudication for which ever rounds they are in. May all those facts she's read flow into her mind and are on her fingertips whenever she needs them. For all the knowledge is from You, Lord, may You show her guidance to analyse the data to benefit her team. She’s been a great blessing in my life, and I want to know that she’ll also be the blessing in her team.

Fea, if you're reading this, please correct my English also yea, haha.. as if she's going to read my blog, or have the time for it. But believe me, if she's been here, I can expect to see some pink stain here and there all over my blog, haha! Told you she's a funny person, I can keep smiling by just thinking about her. Oh, she loves pink, by the way.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Prayer 2

Heavenly Father,

Father I'm such a chicken. I dare not tell Jun Hoe how he's such a blessing to me. May You listen to my prayers here and may You bless him abundantly just like how You've blessed me with such a great gift - to know a wonderful person like him.

I believe You have a purpose in Jun Hoe when you put him in UKM, Bangi, studying Zoology despite Pharmacy in UKM, KL campus, which he supposed to be qualified for.

A top student, and an experienced leader (though his Form 6 life may be quite a "meaningful" 2 years for him) he is. These two criteria in him are what I always look up to. And I see Your purpose in him now, Lord.

Diligent and dedicated. He always tends to put other people's need before his own, lifted burden from other's shoulders and put them on his. And tell us not to worry when he himself was fulled of thesis work and other red-tapes stuff for the debating team.

Speaking words which are helpful and soothing, even when he's critisizing, he speaks of truth and his genuine opinion. Though he thinks sometimes he's very sacarstic which may to other's dislike, but he has always done it in good manner, with civilised words. And he's been funny (to me, he's really a funny person) and makes us laugh our heart out sometimes.

Father, he might not know that he's done Your will in him. But may You have favour in him and may Jesus' precious blood covers him from the attacks of the evil ones. May You watch over him as he goes along with his daily life and continue to be the light that shines for You. May the blessings over flow him to the people around him, to his colleagues, his family members, his friends, or even to a stranger. Also, he's a coffee addict, if You are willing, may You bless him with good health, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Father, I pray for more love and kindness to be blessed upon him, as much as he's showed to the people around him. He thinks he's cool towards people, but sometimes, he's been warm to people at a lot more times which he didn't realise, which I really appreciate. He's been the giver all this while. May Jesus love him and be with him through good days and bad days. May Lord bless him with wisdom and strength for his future undertakings.

I'm also such a chicken I dare not tell him how sad I am when I know that I may not be able to meet him in future anymore. He's not going for Royals and I seriously don't know how long he's going to stay in UKM for he's always has a heart for preserving and conserving both environment and animals. But I know Jesus will always walk with him, thorugh roses and thorns.

What a great blessing you are to me, friend. You don't know how much you mean to me especially when you are the one who's made me fulfill God's will in me. I've seen my direction which I've been asking God for so long. May your life be more worth-while as you receive God's blessings. I've prayed for you and I believe God hears my prayers. You'll receive what I've prayed for you, Jun Hoe.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lu Cakap ape? I tak paham ma

I used to be able to speak fluently in Mandarin (my mother tougue), English and also Bahasa Malaysia. In fact, I took part in English, Mandarin and BM debates during my secondary school.

Maybe it seems like it doesn't mean anything for now I'm in tertiary education level. Yet, during that time, one had to have a -certain- level of proficiency in those languages in order to (1)be selected unanimously by classmates for the inter-class competition and (2)have the guts to go along with the selection result.

I thought it's quite easy to maintain balance between these 3 languages, not to mention I also can speak in 3 other dialects (Canton, Hokkien and Teochiew)without causing confusion in the listeners.

As the first semester of my third year in university coming to an end, I couldn't help but to look at my own changes. One of the changes would be in my language command.

I think my English has improved a little (at least I can feel the improvement in the structure of my sentences and maybe a wider variety of choice of words compare to before).

However, my level of Mandarin command has dropped so dramatically -that I really wish it's only a drama. I used to write and speak in elegant sentences, with beautiful proverbs and sophisticated phrases. Always challenge myself to look for the accurate words best suit the thoughts I wanted to express. But now, I only use simple, English-educated-like-person-who-is-learning-quite-well-for-her-Mandarin level of the language.

The same for my BM. I used formal BM during secondary school debates, but now, only the informal BM comes out from my lips as I converse with my Malay friends. I still can catch up with my Malay friends' speed in speaking in BM and response in fluent BM. But I don't think I can give a formal speech in BM by just impromptu, together with the beauty of the lauguage which should always be upheld.

What's the point of getting an A1 for my SPM BM subject if I've lost my ability to speak or write with impressive BM now? It's out national language and as a Malaysian, we should really learn to speak proper BM.

If not because my lecturers use broken BM, I wouldn't have had problem with them teaching me in so-called BM. Like what we did during my SPM. Hey, BM in all maths and sciences (total 5 subjects) and I got A1 for all. And my English is B3 for 1119 paper. What's my problem when I oppose strongly as my lecturers insisted in using BM? Because I find it distracting to use formal and informal BM at the same time. But that's another issue which I shall not talk more here.

I think the reason being I was too obsessed with my English improvement. It's good to have improvement in English, for it's my favourite language ever since Standard One (I was exposed and started to speak in English since kindergarten), let alone it's the global language blah blah (No, I've read an article saying Mandarin is slowly becoming the international language as China's economy gradually taking shapes and occupying the market now, plus they are the host for Olympic 2008, sure there'll be such a leap on Mandarin-speaking awareness) but proficiency in other languages also has to be maintained by continual practices and constant reading in it.

I should read some Mandarin books sometimes, or flip the Chinese newspaper, or try to read the Mandarin version of Bible, which I've always avoided from.

Maybe I should buy myself some good Malay novels. I still remember I used to love this series of Malay novel so much that I visited my school library which is situated at the top floor of the building, once every 3 or 4 days, right after I finished one, until I finished reading all the books from that publisher. It uses formal BM, that's why it's easier for a non-Malay to understand.

But still, I'll continue to read English newspaper and buy Roald Dahl's books =) Hope I can find the balancing point between these three important language in my life. The ability to speak fluently in more than 2 languages is a blessing.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Debate has never been this FuN!

I just have to type this post though I know I'm running out of time for my revision for tomorrow's Haematology lab practical exam. And someone is waiting for her turn to use this public computer at my multipurpose hall in KTSN.

Yesterday I've had a wonderful time debating with my teammates, whom I shall be sticking with them for the entire tournament of Royals. Anyway, yea, since I've (only)recently started to love debate as it is rather than loving the people in the debating team (and then had crush on one of them), it's very fascinating that I learnt so much in just one day. Training for 5 rounds I think, till wee hours, again. Hopefully this time I wont fall sick again, not like last time after Tanjung Karang training when I fell sick after the humour round in the early morning.

A lot of things I have to let go, for example how great it is to have Jerry in my team last year, and start to accept my current teammates as they are. Anthony, Keat Lim and Sek Kuan will be in my team, whom I shall talk more about them in future post, maybe after Royals.

A lot of things I have to move on from, for example to accept the fact that *ahem* -him- is not going to be there for this Royals. Man, I was wondering how was I going to face him since this is the first time I meet him after I've confessed my feeling to him 2 months ago. But anyway, we sort of like took it in a mature way. When we mean it's over and the issue is closed, we can really still be friend and talk to each other as usual , just like when we were during Australs. No matter how much I'd love his presence, I have to always remind myself to cherish what I've got.

Everyone has crossed my path of life with a purpose. And I want to appreciate every arrangement God has made for me for I'm sure it's going to be the best thing for me ever. If not because of the crush (be it with anyone else in the team), I'm not going to love debate like I do now. It does take me a long time to realise the beauty of debate, but it's lucky that I hold on, that I have some reason to hold on and always go back to the team.

I think that's it for now. Hope I'll bring back good news from Royals this year =)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Deepavali

Wonder how we celebrated Deepavali at KTSN? It's a creative and effective way, sarcasticaly.

DBKL decided to work extra hard during public holiday, AGAIN - they came here and fog us out of our bed. Jumping up from the bed earlier than expected, I made the record of speed showering in less than 5 minutes. All right, maybe you people can bath faster than I do, but I just wanted to say this.

Breakfast at Titiwangsa with Su Yin: Some Jacob crackers and Dutch Lady milk.

A refreshing walk in my new, comfortable Banana Peel flip flop, a good company and light conversation, fresh air and living green park with friendly folks at the park - what a blessing on Deepavali!

But it doesn't mean I don't have to study. Next test is Haematology (study of blood) lab practical test on 12th Nov 2007, 8:00am.

Anyway, Happy Deepavali to all readers :-) and happy muruku-ing.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Smiling Saturday

Don't ask me why I am smiling, or seems to be in a good mood, depite of "heavy" exam papers are coming up.

The first time I went to cafe for breakfast this morning, the papers weren't there. Thought they're sold out. Apparently they decided to be late on this lazy Saturday morning. For the second round, they just arrived. Still haven't been sorted out neatly on the shelves.

Clutching a copy of New Straits Times in my hand, humming away. That explains everything.

I only read The Star on Sunday, because on Sundays their cartoon section comes in colours! Other days, well, as a slow reader, spending RM1.20 instead of RM1.50 for my daily dose of news feed, I think it's sufficient. What's more with my exams tailing behind my back all the time!

It feels good to be informed. :-)

Humming away...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bad Day - Daniel Powter

I like this song after watching the video clip. It puts a smile on my face. The lyric is not bad either. My favourite part of this song is the piano intro (ok, not only intro but thoughout the song if you can hear it) in the opening - beautiful!

Bad Day - Daniel Powter
Where is the moment we needed the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
They tell me your blue skies fade to gray
They tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carryin' on

You stand in the line just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee you go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces every time
And I don't need no carryin' on

Because you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Will you need a blue sky holiday?
The point is they laugh at what you say
And I don't need no carryin' on

You had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day

(Oooh.. a holiday..)

Sometimes the system goes on the blink
And the whole thing turns out wrong
You might not make it back and you know
That you could be well oh that strong
And I'm not wrong

So where is the passion when you need it the most
Oh you and I
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
You've seen what you like
And how does it feel for one more time
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

How to Save A Life - The Fray (Scrub version)

I've always like TV situation comedy (sitcom) which touches me with their humorous conversation, funny story line, and most of all, the message they bring out. My favourite sitcom next to Friends would be Scrub. The favourite part of this show is when Zach Braff (as JD) makes his reflection on what has happened. I think it's very meaningful and sometimes inspirational.

In this video clip, the idea of how sacred one's life can be is mentioned, and also how the surgeon is giving all out to save back a life. The appreciation for one's life, though a total stranger, but it's very fascinating to know that -someone- cares, what's more if it's from someone we care as much too?

At some point, I wonder if the unconscious patient would know that there are people haven't given up on their lives, and the most crucial thing is they themselves shouldn't give up on themselves! It's the inner strength that push us to go on, the deepest desire to be alive, that make our life precious.

For detailed description about Scrubs.

The Fray - How To Save A Life

Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
You begin to wonder why you came
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
Let him know that you know best
Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
And pray to God he hears you
And pray to God he hears you
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours and grant him one last choice
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you've followed
He will do one of two things
He will admit to everything
Or he'll say he's just not the same
And you'll begin to wonder why you came
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
How to save a lifeHow to save a life
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friendS
omewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
How to save a life

Monday, October 29, 2007


A boy protests as his father insists for his son to get a hair cut before buying him a new car.

"But dad, that's not fair! Abraham had long hair, Moses had long hair, even Jesus had long hair, why can't I keep long hair too?"

"And they WALK everywhere."


Chui Yoke went for a hair rebonding, apparently. Now her hair looked much tidy. I never against anyone who wanted or refused to do anything to their hair, it's up to their call as long as they like the way it turns out, and sometimes, suits the occasion or event.

But I've always like my hair to be kept straight and smooth to the touch. If you ask me which type of hair style is easier to keep, straightened or curled, I'd say the former. Because one can just run their fingers through the hair before they walk out of the room. When the rebonding is still new, I really don't need to spend much time doing my hair in front of the mirror.
However, I have to admit that girls with wavy hair are really an eye-catcher, personally. Feminine with a bit of wildness, gentle yet confident, mature yet energetic. It does represent the current image and characteristics of women in urban cities.

Another new hair-do we can have is: playing with colours - dye! Although a lot of people looked more attractive(in a positive sense) after they dye their hair, quite a number of people looked other wise. Of couse no one would purposely pay to get oneself looked uglier than before. Maybe it's the problem with the hair stylist. Some hair stylist will give advice if they think what their customers ask for doesn't suit the latter; some for the sake of pleasing the customers, kept quiet; or maybe some were just new in this, so they might have difficulty in imagining the outcome before hand. Sometimes it is the stubborn customer who insists on the hair-do they describe and nothing but that. And there you go.

Many a time as I stare at my friends' brand new hair with beautiful dye which also suits them, I was moved! They made me start to consider dying my hair, too! Yet due to personal perception, I don't really like the image after I dye my hair. Something to do with following the (wrong)trend and not original. Yeah, I'm a bit of old-fashioned. But I do think black-pigmented hair looks healthier than dyed hair. It in a way reflects the good health status of an individual, not to mention black, too, brings out the sense of mistery of a woman :-)

On my thoughts for colouring my hair - I know better. Not only it can cost quite a lot, but the effects of the dye to our hair is something I've always tried to avoid - dry, and eventually branched hair. Since rebonding, I've tried to retain the moisture in hair by occasionally applying moisturising oil and going for treatment. Of course, I have to save up a bit for the latter, but it worths it as the result is - smooth and shiny hair. And I really feel good to look the way I like it to be.

Ladies, want to refresh your day? Call up your hair-dresser then!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Royals 2007

I might have a chance to go for Royals Debate Championship in UiTM on 24th Nov 2007 till 29th Nov 2007 as not many people are available for it. Ai Huey says the selection is not done yet. Anyway, what I want to say is: I'm still interested for Royals and I'll let them to decide which way seems fit.

Though we cannot go for Worlds, but I still want to explore more in this field, both in debating and adjudicating. I'm open for everything, even being as a reserve, if they see it fair for others who went for training more often than I did. New thing I'm trying to get a grip on is: How to be a good whip (third speaker in a team). Seriously, cannot come up with new issues yet cannot be too repetitive when rebutting. It's not that easy, when you're talking about doing comparative analysis of the debate and also arguments packaging, man! I've been a first speaker(at some point, maybe some rounds in a tournament when we switched speakers' position among my teammates, ha). I've been a second speaker during Women InterVarsity Debating Tournament 2006 in UiTM Shah Alam and Pre-Australs 2006 in MMU Cyberjaya(or this is the 1st speaker) and Royals 2006 in UiTM Kuching, Sarawak. I've been an adjudicator in Australasia 2007 in UiTM Shah Alam this June and one more was during my first year, my first ever intervarsity debating tournament, also in UiTM though I've forgotten the name of the tournament, ha. I started to try out as a whip speaker during the last Tanjung Karang training. It's a great thing to learn. and I start to appreciate more and more about debate tournaments. It's not about winning or loosing, not so much about having fun with the team(though it's really a big part of my debating experience, hee hee), but it's the idea of having to learn how to express a thought with words, a higher level of communication. Also, the great ideas you get from debating which provokes one to think further: why is it wrong to do so, why we have to make a drastic change now, what AWARENESS we want to raise. All are so fascinating and I want to know more.

Thank God for the chance. I'll write more later, maybe after my exam.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What kind of Blogger are you?

Passion vs Profit Greed: -9
You're not in this for the money, for you blogging is all about the passion! Sure you might make a little pocket change now and again, but you know that it's the content, the audience and the people that are what makes blogging great!
Newbie vs Experienced Experience: -4
You represent one of the thousands of newcomers that take up blogging every year and while others will fall away over time, you are in it for the long haul. It's only a matter of time before your greatness is apparent to all and sundry!

Hermit vs Social Sociability: -4
Social media, other bloggers, networks and all that jazz don't really interest you. You have enough friends in the real world, you don't need more. You blog because you want to express yourself not to meet bloggers!
Here's your official badge for taking part in the quiz, there's a code snippet below which you can use to place the banner on your blog and tell others to come and take the quiz!

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Link to Earth

I've read a friend's post on environment. It's really a good piece of writing, so I'd like to try out the link feature here to link to his article, here.

The article "Our Environment" is a post in conjunction with the Blog Action Day he joined. Most of the time, we find ourselves reading articles on -how- we can save the Earth or at least do our part in conserving the environment. But his article talked about -why- we should care for the mother nature. Isn't it comfortable to stay with what we are doing now? 16 degree C air-conditioned room during a raining day, drive in your expensive Yaris to a mamak store which is only within walking distance, throwing rubbish into the river hoping the nature to clean up the mess for you so you don't have to bring it to the proper rubbish disposal area... Life's so much better these days, aren't they?

Wake up, human! As an inhabitant on this piece of land, we are responsible to care for it instead of taking it for granted. Someone may laugh: "Why bother? Even if anything happen, it wont strike us, let the next generation to worry about it." True, that person may live comfortably till he die, but he may not notice the place he's living in, is not the same as in the last 10 or 20 years.

The monsoon season has become irregular, the weather becomes unpredictable and crazy, the air is so polluted that you cannot have a clear view of KLCC from building not far away. All of these, one may not notice the importance, but it affects us: Higher temperature outside makes you want to hit the air-conditioner remote control to lower the temperature in the room, hence hiking up your electric bill and you have to pay more! Thinning of ozone layer gradually limits your outdoor activities as long exposure of sun light may cause skin canser. Air pollution may cause lung disease as we breathe in all those harmful chemicals and gasses which are the waste of burnt fuel from our vehicles. Soon, you'll have a long list of rules prohibiting you from doing this and that. Oh man, do we have to go back to school rules again..?

Sometimes, it's necessary for us to drive, to board the plane, to turn on the air-conditioner, to open the fridge. But do it moderately and cut down unnecessary usage of these commodities. Find out ways to save electricity (such as the electric-saving light bulbs), reduce water wastage, emit less carbon dioxide per day and etc. Or maybe eat less McD :-) Wey Wen found an article on how supporting McD's beef burger encourages McD to rear more cows which burps can contribute to significance amount of nitrogen oxide and hence, green house effects. Don't laugh, but leave a comment.

You might get used to your mum yelling at you to clean up your room. But hey, it's important we do more than that. Clean up the Earth, today!

Friday, October 05, 2007

What a Day!

Haematology individual blood film report - done.
Haematology blood grouping report - done.
Haematology leukemia report - done.
Haematology Case Study report and presentation - done.
Air Microbiology report - done.
Water Microbiology report - done.
Biostatistics tutorial - done.
Biostatistics (SPSS) tutorial - done.
Immunology Problem Based Learning session 2 - done.
Intergrative Diagnosis (Parasitology) log book - done.
Intergrative Diagnosis (Immunology) report 1 - done.
Intergrative Diagnosis (Immunology) report 2 - done.
Debate: Protectionism and Free Trade presentation - done.

Songs of the Humpback Whale (Jodi Picoult) - now only I have the time and mood to resume the reading.

Thank God for the strength You gave me all this while to complete and hand in those reports and homework on time. Now I need some time to just laze on the bed with a good read.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Campus politic

I used to think stuff related with politics are boring. I never want to know why one would support Barisan Nasional, Rocket or PAS or any other party which I really don't bother their existence. Before I hit the age of 21, voting is never my business. Now I AM 21 and voting becomes my responsibility.

Before my first general election where I have a say in deciding who will be my leaders in this country, I had had several chances to vote too. One of them is voting for student representatives in my university.

There were only two parties in my campus, we call them The Blue team and the Green team. Ever since my first year, we've been given the impression by seniors that The Blue team supports current government, and The Green team opposes. So, we should vote for The Blue team. And, The Blue team also fights for the rights for Chinese students too, something like Barisan Nasional, where 3 race-based parties united under one body, while The Green team doesn't.

You get the picture. It's a known fact that the Chinese and Indians will be voting for The Blue team while only Muslims will vote for The Green team. Well, quite a number of Malays will vote for The Blue team too. And I don't know why.The feeling of not wanting to vote get stronger this year. Maybe it's my fault that I'm not interested in politics, especially politics in Malaysia. I'll talk about my campus politics here.

It's not obvious to me that which team did better job in fighting student's rights for welfare. The Blue team isn't that great at the first place. One of my coursemate was a student representative for last year's board and I never know what he's done in the past one year as our leader. He is my coursemate for earth sake! Maybe we took things for granted? Hope it is so. As for The Green team, I know they want to champion the rights for Muslims only, so I never bother what their manifestos are.

Besides, candidates from both teams never specific in what they actually want to do after being elected. "I'll improve the condition in hostels." In my heart, I asked "How exactly do you want to improve the hostel condition?" "Which sense do you mean?" "Who do you want to meet to actually do this?". I never had a chance to ask the candidates these in public. They don't have Q&A session.

Afterall, I don't think they need to put much effort in campaigning. We vote for the party, not the candidate. It didn't affect much. For two years, The Green team candidate were my friends. They are very friendly Muslims and I believe in their ability as a leader. For two years, The Blue team candidate were my coursemates, coursemates whom we don't know well. So irony.

And I have to vote for The Blue team.

As for Malaysian politics, it's boring because we aren't really allowed to talk about politics in public. Even if both US (or foreign) politics and Malaysian politics were on papers, I find the former is more interesting than the latter and well, sometimes I laughed at what I read regarding US politics, and sometimes I ended my reading with "that ass hole...".

Still, like it or not, I have to make myself well-informed with Malaysian politics before I vote in the coming general election. I have to make sure it's an informed choice. Thanks to debate :-)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Do you care?

These days I realize my blogging became pointless. It’s true that we can write whatever we like in our blog. Sometimes I wish to write something to bring awareness or to create discussion, to express my thoughts in sentences. But most of the time, I ended up writing about my daily life. Not really the deep reflection on my life, just what happen in a day or two.

Simply because I don’t give much deep thoughts into the issues, I have no idea what awareness I want to raise. Busy is a pathetic excuse. News such as Bukit Gantang bus accident, Nurin case, Myanmar strike etc, should be of something we can ponder on, not necessarily on HIV in African children, climate change or gay’s right at large. Why are these things happening? What is the human race up to now? Why were the drivers on drugs? Why are humans killing each other? Why are they not showing mercy to each other any more? Why…Father?

Are they lacking of love in their hearts? Are they not shown love? Father, the world is becoming crazy. As the demand for performance becomes a way to judge one’s worth of living, human became selfish. They’re climbing their own ladder. It does seem like everyone is moving forward together, but if one fall, will others come and give him a hand? Rat race, or how you call it, captures those who thought they’re winning in the game. There’s nothing wrong to be in the race at the first place, but not at the expense of neglecting the people around you.

Caught up with our own work as we are, but always remember to stop and look around, what’s happening around us. Is there a cry for a hug? Is there a need for a pat at the back? Is there a need for a wake-up call? Is there anyone sick next door, who may need your help to just...get some warm water for them to have their medication? What can you do to contribute to the society you’re living in? How can you change a life? After all,

Life is to make a difference that you ever live at all.

Human race is separated from animals because we have the power to think, not only in problem solving, but asking questions and looking for their answers. But it doesn’t separate human from animals when the former doesn’t show love to its own species. The simplest way to show your love is by praying for others. When you talk to your Father in Heaven, you not only talk about yourselves, but you talk on behalf of other people in need.

Starting from today, let’s listen to the need from outside, and make a conscious effort to work with other in making the world a better place – begin with saying hi to your neighbours.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Muahaha collection

Well, this post is nothing intelectual as it won't help you in writing an essay on climate change and how-as-a-Malaysian-we-can-contribute-to-conserving-the-environment or why-George-Bush-is-an-ass-and-how-John-Howard-is-going-to-be-the-next-too. Just something I wanted to share :-)

MuaHaha 1.
I spelled my friend's name wrongly in 2 post. "Choi Yoke" should be spelled "Chui Yoke" in both Yum Yum Sushi and Tough Decision, Great Trip posts. Sorry dear. But hey, at least I know you will pay a second visit here to make sure I give you a public apology and with this, publicising your name ;-)

MuaHaha 2.
Just now at KTSN cafe a kakak (lady worker) told me that I looked thinner because my cheeks looked less chubby. She said she could recognise me and she's not confused with my originally loose t-shirt. Anyway, I know stress can thin one down but it's never in my case. If later I have a chance to weight on a scale and find that it's not true, that kakak is soOo gonna owe me a week's Nasi Goreng Pattaya (Pattaya Fried Rice) for giving me false hope!

MuaHaha 3.
The internet connection is still veeery sloww..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm Back!

As the beautiful city-light night view of KL emerged in front of us, with me staring at my reflection on the window of UKM Bangi bus, we cruised reluctantly towards the urbanized jungle of high-rise buildng from Tanjung Karang.

Brought with us was the wonderful memory of our debate weekend. The sight of glittering KLCC is always welcomed, but not for this time. It marked the end of the crazy weekend we had had and it's time to go back to lectures, lab reports and soon, final exams.

UKM facility in Tanjung Karang is well-kept and offers superb facilities, unless one thinks air-conditioned double room and clean, well-furnished toilet are not good enough. We also had a chance to visit the pasar bazaar there, and indulged in a variety of food from there. It's always a benefit for us to go to night market like this with a huge bunch of crowds because one can share different kind of food and enjoy the variety :-) Basically, we enjoy Malaysian food.

The training camp wouldn't be that fun if Fea, Jespreet and Wey Wen didn't turn up. Inside, I'm very grateful to have them around for this camp. Jokes and roaring laughter they caused aside, they made our training more intensive and that's the purpose of this camp at the first place - get as many training as possible since we might not have the chance to have training before the training-cum-selection camp on 5th-7th Oct 2007. Most importantly, they demonstrated the fun way to debate and learn in the process.

The camp was fun and luckily my crush didn't turn up. He was in Singapore for NUS (National University of Singapore) tournament with Meng Fai, Kelly and Violet. He and Meng Fai broke into semi as a team and Kelly broke into quarter final as an adjudicator.

If you asked me whether or not I'm still staying for the team, I'll answer you: I don't know. Sure I hope to contribute to them, if it's in my ability, as I still put my study at the first priority. Still, the memory with them is something as precious as knowledge to me, as the best part of my university life.

OK! Back to studies!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

For the Camp

These days I'm really choked with my studies. Next Monday I will have to hand in a complete case study answer to my case study group memnber. Also, on Monday 8am, we have a PBL session, which we all were given individual topic to search for to contribute to the discussion. We'll be evaluated individually base on our performance during the session. Great. In the mean time, lecturer notes piling up with the lab reports, and well..another dose of work is for this weekend's debate training camp. I was given a task to do research on Protectionism and Free Trade policy.

Actually when I was reading the articles I found on the net this morning (I slept at 5am), I was still wondering how I am suppose to structure all those information during my presentation. Also, how am I suppose to do the notes for them? Copy and paste? Will they think I'm too not serious with my duty? Write in my own words? But the sentences in the articles are all too good to be modified by me. I need more examples. I need further explaination from what I've got. But where else to look for it? I've tried a variety of keywords for these two issues, but most of the time, they were not what I was looking for. All and all, the main issue is: I don't really do a lot of deep-analysis reading. Newspaper doesn't talk about protectionism and free trade EVERYDAY, ok? I only knew Shinzo Abe's resigning from his post as Japanese youngest prime minister. A slow reader like me really will have indigestion problem after swallowing articles by articles. I've given up the flat world book. No time.

Half worrying my studies, half worrying my presentation during the camp, I am really under pressure. There was this moment I really thinking of giving up the camp. I thought I already told myself that I'm slowly leaving the team? Yet, either out of guilty or reluctance, I am still hanging on. Guilt because for 2 years this bunch of friends have given me the best memory of my uni life, and I am really looking forward for more, and I can't tell myself that I don't care for what they are going through now in organizing a training camp in Tanjung Karang. Not many debaters of my batch (now 3rd year) stay for the team. They really need non first-years to help up, to let the 1st years to just come and enjoy the best training camp. With this, after all the good times they gave me, how am I going to leave them when they are in need?

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.
[Proverbs 16:9]

Lord Jesus, I desperately need Your help! May You bless US in wisdom, to work as a team to organise this camp. No matter what, we're going to face the challenges together, with You as our teacher, to see Your will be done. I want to put this camp into Your mighty hand and may You make full use of the time and Your people. I also need wisdom to prepare for my presentation. May the Holy Spirit guide me in the research and presentation, to enlighten them about protectionism and free trade. Retain my salt and light for Your sake, Lord, as how You've made me and planned for me. It's time I shine for You. In Jesus' name, amen.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Things I Want to RoAr About

1. The internet connection is WAYYY too slow…

2. Homework, assignments, tutorials, PBL, lab reports, lecture noteS..YIOHHH!

3. Debate training camp this weekend at Tanjung Karang! I actually have bought a small tin of kuih raya to treat those attending the camp. Hope it is still edible until this weekend. No preservatives added I think.

4. Can my debate juniors be more cooperative in replying messages?!

5. I wonder if my (ex-)crush is going to the Tanjung Karang debate camp. If yes, I wonder how am I going to deal with the embarrassment. ARRGGGH!!

6. I have to skip Dr.Fawwaz’s afternoon class on Friday because Jerry wanted us to get our asses on the UKM Bangi bus on Friday 1230 and depart to Tanjung Karang together.

7. I need to swallow the book The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman ASAP!!

8. What is Bernard doing in ktsndebaters yahoogroup?! Last year I invited him to join UKM debating team for so many times yet he didn’t want to accept the invitation but now signing in the group without asking the owner’s (me) permission. That group is only for KTSN debaters OK…

9. One packet of Nescafe 3 in 1 Regular is no longer effective for me! NO~

10. My parents are coming to KL on 7th Oct 07!! Yay!

11. My sister is celebrating her 23th birthday in Newcastle on 18th Sept 07!!

12. I’m SOOO gonna swallow the Newsweek collections in my campus library to come up with the materials needed for my debate camp assignment – Protectionism Policy and Free Trade. I have to compile it into notes form to distribute to everyone and also present in during the camp this weekend.

13. Really, can the internet speed be a little faster, please?

Quick Thought

Osama b. Laden asked Americans to convert to Islam if the latter wanted to end the war in Iraq. The so-called invitation was from a human (if you still call him one).

Few days after the video clip from Osama, there was a 8.4 rate earthquake in Indonesia, destroying loads of mosque, and also killing a lot of people. Before this, that country had received loads of "nature's call" which the loudest could be the tsunami in 2004, also destroying a lot of mosque (and also killing a lot of people). The warmings are from the nature, which is controlled not by human, but God. And according to the Bible, Lord Jesus can control the weather, even the storm.

Which speaks louder?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

fogging, again..

美美的一个星期日早晨竟然有fogging?! 可恶。。连星期日都做工, 酱勤劳,政府(DBKL)改善了.. ?


Friday, September 14, 2007

The 21st 13th Sept

21 years ago, the cry of a baby girl in Penang Medical Center (now Gleanegles Medical Center) marked her arrival in this world. God had breathed into her nostrils the breath of Life, and the girl became a living being. In a very delicate way God had created her. Not only the creation, but everything regarding her was planned for her before she's conceived. She's made for a special reason. She's given a task, which at the end, will fulfill God's will and bring glory to God. She looked just like any normal girls. But she and her Creator know better.

For 21 years I've lived, I only know Jesus for less than 2 years. Yet, He has known me even when I was still in my mum's womb.

Looking back the days in your life, what will be your comment?

My answer is: A smile.

I'm a blessed girl. I'm from a middle-class, functioning family, with siblings to quarrel with; kind people I met, and become friends; studying in local university, which enables me to help my parents to save up a lot of money while at the same time acquiring precious knowledge in medical/life sciences field (my choice) from knowledgeable lecturers who teach in variety of interesting styles.

I am still healthy and young, can walk, jog, run, jump, reach the books on relatively high bookshelves (OH, books!), bend down to pass a sweet to a kid and pinch his chubby face, and basically, take care of my own self. Very often, God has sent His angels to me when I need someone. I have friends to tell secret to and share my craziness about my crush (who is gradually loosing his effect on me now), take me as I am, and... remember my birthday :-)

I received quite a number of birthday wishes on Thursday, which's my 21st birthday! Surpising wishes from friends I never expect them to remember my birthday, and heart-warming wishes from my old friends - they still remember ;-)

The most important fact is: I was given a chance to hear the Good News, and a chance to choose, whether or not to follow Christ. Many more people have yet to know the Lord, because they havn't heard about the Good News. But I'm one of those whom have ear to listen. And I made my decision to live my life for Christ. This is the best gift, for me to stay in His love and inherit His kingdom as children of God.

Jesus, I want to thank You for Your blessings in these past 21 years of life. Life has never been so interesting before I know You. You showed me love when I thought no one will care, and amazed me through the miracles I never knew could happen to me. You always listen to my prayers and I know You are real, not only according to the Bible, but also personal encounters.

Lord please forgive my sins and may I be Your salt and light to the people around me. May You lead my life and walk with me through thick and thin, ups and downs. Last but not least, may I know my specialty as I continue the journey of self-exploration. Through this, I will know better how awesome my Creator is. And I will give glory to You, Lord.

For years to come, I want to be a humble servant for God. And may I be used to serve Him in ways He wanted me to. Amen.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

song test

by Thompson - How Can I Let Her Know (Instrumental)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

YuM~yUm *Sushi*

Today I went to Sushi King with some of my friends (namely, Chee Mun the driver a.k.a our big brother, Steven a.k.a uncle of our course with new pig-head hair-do *grin*, Choi Yoke a.k.a the queen who flirt with lecturers of all races *globalisation- no boundaries*, and Wan Yin, a very decent, polite girl) from the same course. You may notice I don't call them coursemates now because we crap about nothing related to homework over the table. Well, mostly gossips among the coursemates and some other stuff like the models we think are beautiful, Jacky Cheung's concert, selling and purchasing cars, teasing Chee Mun and his girlfriend, teasing Choi Yoke and her lecturer-killer ability, Steven's new hair cut, and etc.

It was, in fact, my real first outing with my coursemates (as friends) after 2 ++ years of studying together. What a shame on me it is, but actually I longed for this kind of outing with any of them ever since first year. Really. Yet, I still wont be joining them for Karaoke la, I'm not the singing type, you see. I only sing to myself and sing in church to God. However, loads of them love Karaoke, but never heard of them love visiting book store, which is my favourite outing.

First, not a lot of them love reading as lecture notes and text books already can cause phobia to books in us. Second, those who love reading don't necessarily buy books from book store because the books there are quite expensive. Even me myself will think more than twice before buying a 3 for 2 discounted books. Hence, they may find it pointless to visit book stores.

My coursemates are always very different from me. The different is not only whether to go for "Green Box" or "Red Box" for karaoke, it's whether one enjoy karaoke or not. And it seems like I'm not of the same generation as them because I don't really enjoy the activities they do.

Another example: they play cards; I can't even understand how the game goes after rounds and rounds of observation. They listen to mandarin songs and always stick to mandarin radio station; me, I only switch between Mix FM, Hitz Fm, and to a lesser frequency, Light and Easy. If the DJs are crapping, I'll listen to the songs downloaded in my MP3. Most of them love My FM; I find the station plays more advertisement than songs and the DJ are not funny.

They watch horror movies; I NEVER allow myself to get into the theater playing this movie genera.

Some of them gossips; I don't like judgemental discussion.

Some of them whisper to each other, well, if it's not meant for me to hear, my ego wont allow me to poke my nose into the topic, and with this, I believe I missed out a lot of updates regarding other coursemates.

Some of them tell lame jokes; I don't do polite laughing to entertain or just to give face. When I really laughed at a joke, I mean it. My humor sense doesn't match with theirs as some of them might genuinely find the joke funny.

I live in hostel provided by university, they rent their own apartment outside.

I believe there are loads more but I can't think of them now. Enought about the difference.

But I really enjoyed the hi-tea-cum-dinner just now. It was, again, the people around me who made the atmosphere fun. I didn't feel awkward to join them for sushi, but rather, it was a blessed time with good food and good conversations. Amazingly, it gave me the feeling I experience everytime I came back from outing with my debater friends. I always thought I could only feel like this when I'm with those bimbo debaters I know. But apparently, there's something new and precious I have to explore before I graduate *smile*.

To my coursemates, may the true friendship last. Amen.

Monday, September 10, 2007

video testing

Sorry, blame it on me - AKON http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26WBT1ZdLdc

I kinda like the lyrics. Enjoy!

As life goes on I’m starting to learn more and more about responsibility

I realize everything I do is affecting the people around me

So I want to take this time out and apologize for things I have done

And things that have not occurred yet

And the things they don’t want to take responsibility for

I’m sorry for the times I left you home

I was on the road and you were alone

I’m sorry for the times that I had to go

I’m sorry for the fact that I did not know

That you were sitting home just wishing we

Could go back to when it was just you and me

I’m sorry for the times I would neglect

I’m sorry for the times I disrespect

I’m sorry for the wrong things that I’ve done

I’m sorry I’m not always there for my son

I’m sorry for the fact that I am not aware

That you can’t sleep at night when I am not there

Because I am in the streets like everyday

Sorry for the things that I did not say

Like how you are the best thing in my world

And how I am so proud to call you my girl


I understand that there are some problems

And I am not too blind to know

All the pain you kept inside you

Even though you might not show

If I can apologize for being wrong

Then it’s just a shame on me

I’ll be the reason for your pain and you can put the blame on me


You can put the blame on me [4x]

Said you can put the blame on me [3x]

You can put the blame on me

Sorry for the things that he put you through

And all the times you didn’t know what to do

Sorry that you had to go and sell those packs

Just trying to stay busy till you heard from Dad

And you would rather be home with all your kids

As one big family with love and bliss

And even though Pops treated us like kings

He got a second wife and you didn’t agree

He got up and left you there all alone

I’m sorry that you had to do it on your own

I’m sorry that I went and added to your grief

I’m sorry that your son was once a thief

I’m sorry that I grew up way too fast

I wish I would’ve listened and not be so bad

I’m sorry your life turned out this way

I’m sorry the FEDS came and took me away


I’m sorry that it took so long to see

They were dead wrong trying to put it on me

I’m sorry that it took so long to speak

But I was on tour with Gwen Stefani

I’m sorry for the hand that she was dealt

For the embarrassment that she felt

Just a little young girl trying to have fun

Her daddy should never let her out that young

I’m sorry for Club Zen getting shut down

I hope they manage better next time around

How was I to know she was underage

Enter 21 you know the club they say

Why doesn’t anybody wanna take blame

For rising back out disgracing my name

I’m just a singer trying to entertain

Because I love my fans I’ll take that blame

Even though the blame’s on you [3x]

I’ll take that blame from you

And you can put that blame on me [2x]

You can put that blame on me

And you can put that blame on me

Sunday, September 09, 2007

short updates

I've been quite busy these days, nearly no time for me to rest if the debate training at Bangi last Saturday was not cancelled.

Tomorrow morning 8:00am I have Problem-Based Learning (PBL) of Immunology, which we had divided tasks among ourselves to look for information within 4 days. Right after my PBL is my QBL (Question-Based Learning) of (again)Immunology. This, seriously, is slightly more important than the former because we have to present our findings on the given topic (Disease caused by Candida albicans in female genital tract). Also 4 days to look up information plus compile the power point slides from each member of my team prior to presentation. I was the one doing editing.

Thursday I have a SLP (Self-Learning Package) assignment of Basic Biomolecule (Genetics) to hand in. But of course, I have to finish reading several chapters before answering the questions given, right? And there are a LOT of questions, OK?

Please give me a break...

By the way, this coming Thursday 13th September 2007 is my 21st-birthday le! Hope everything will go well and I manage to get myself a little rest after all these presentations and assignments.

Oh, another update: My crush has replied my confession, ha~ He said he actually suspect it a few months ago and actually (nothing funny here, this is the WoRsT night mare I could ever have, ok?) some people in the debating team already suspected this way before him and told him!! Crap..Crap..Crap.. I thought I felt like digging a hole for myself and die in there *sob*sob* But he told me it's not too bad and not to worry about it. He said we still can be friends and etc.

So, that's it for this time. I wont be around until the wireless connection in my room resumes. It had been more than 2 days I didn't have connection in my room, another misery *sigh* But maybe it's good, because I have no choice but to push myself to study instead, ha~

Everybody gambateh!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Teh Ais and Teh O Ais

I always get myself confused with teh ais and teh O ais. Whenever I wanted to order teh o ais, only "teh ais" came out from my mouth.

I figured out the reason: maybe because teh (tea) to me is the typical chinese tea, which is dark brown colour when it is served. Hence, if you want teh ais (ice tea), you just need to add ice into the tea and it shouldn't change the colour of the drink. So, if I wanted the tea to be served with ice and it's in dark brown colour, it's "teh ais".

But apparently for the Malays, teh is the drink you get when you poured hot water into the tea leaves before adding condensed milk to the filtered liquid. Hence, teh ais for them is like teh tarik with ice, just that you don't need to "tarik" the drink as you have to add ice to cool down the drink anyway.

I seldom order teh ais or teh O ais or any other drinks from my cafe in KTSN, because they prepare the drinks with relatively high sugar content. Not that they don't know the diseases might follow with high sugar consumption, but it's because the students used to complain to them that the drink became tasteless after the ice melted in the drink. So, to keep the customers (happy), they have to serve the drinks according their likeness. That's how people do business, no? Meet the demand.

And once in a while, my cafe will have a very annoying and troublesome customer walks up to them and orders "teh ais kurang manis (less sugar), memang kurang manis ya." (they have to specially do a sperate cup of sugar-less tea just for her)before she realises that she actually wanted to order teh O ais, kurang manis.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Brain dissected

cherlinn, you are somewhat left-hemisphere dominant and show a preference for visual learning, although not extreme in either characteristic.

You probably tend to do most things in moderation, but not always.

Your left-hemisphere dominance implies that your learning style is organized and structured, detail oriented and logical. Your visual preference, though, has you seeking stimulation and multiple data. Such an outlook can overwhelm structure and logic and create an almost continuous state of uncertainty and agitation. You may well suffer a feeling of continually trying to "catch up" with yourself.

Your tendency to be organized and logical and attend to details is reasonably well-established which should afford you success regardless of your chosen field of endeavor. You can "size up" situations and take in information rapidly. However, you must then subject that data to being classified and organized which causes you to "lose touch" with the immediacy of the problem.

Your logical and methodical nature hamper you in this regard though in the long run it may work to your advantage since you "learn from experience" and can go through the process more rapidly on subsequent occasions.

You remain predominantly functional in your orientation and practical. Abstraction and theory are secondary to application. In keeping with this, you focus on details until they manifest themselves in a unique pattern and only then work with the "larger whole."

With regards to your career choices, you have a mentality that would be good as a scientist, coach, athlete, design consultant, or an engineering technician. You can "see where you want to go" and even be able to "tell yourself," but find that you are "fighting yourself" at the darndest times.

Your Brain Usage Profile:
Auditory : 38%
Visual : 61%
Left : 66%
Right : 33%

WhAt I sAy: Actually I find "However, you must then subject that data to being classified and organized which causes you to "lose touch" with the immediacy of the problem. " quite true because I don't really understand what's the explanation here after I completed the test and read the evaluation, ha~ Yea right, left-brainer..

Oh, by the way, I did the test at www.mindmedia.com/braintest.html . Enjoy!