Friday, November 02, 2007

Smiling Saturday

Don't ask me why I am smiling, or seems to be in a good mood, depite of "heavy" exam papers are coming up.

The first time I went to cafe for breakfast this morning, the papers weren't there. Thought they're sold out. Apparently they decided to be late on this lazy Saturday morning. For the second round, they just arrived. Still haven't been sorted out neatly on the shelves.

Clutching a copy of New Straits Times in my hand, humming away. That explains everything.

I only read The Star on Sunday, because on Sundays their cartoon section comes in colours! Other days, well, as a slow reader, spending RM1.20 instead of RM1.50 for my daily dose of news feed, I think it's sufficient. What's more with my exams tailing behind my back all the time!

It feels good to be informed. :-)

Humming away...

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