Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Deepavali

Wonder how we celebrated Deepavali at KTSN? It's a creative and effective way, sarcasticaly.

DBKL decided to work extra hard during public holiday, AGAIN - they came here and fog us out of our bed. Jumping up from the bed earlier than expected, I made the record of speed showering in less than 5 minutes. All right, maybe you people can bath faster than I do, but I just wanted to say this.

Breakfast at Titiwangsa with Su Yin: Some Jacob crackers and Dutch Lady milk.

A refreshing walk in my new, comfortable Banana Peel flip flop, a good company and light conversation, fresh air and living green park with friendly folks at the park - what a blessing on Deepavali!

But it doesn't mean I don't have to study. Next test is Haematology (study of blood) lab practical test on 12th Nov 2007, 8:00am.

Anyway, Happy Deepavali to all readers :-) and happy muruku-ing.


Viren said...

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Cher Linn Tang said...

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