Saturday, November 10, 2007

Debate has never been this FuN!

I just have to type this post though I know I'm running out of time for my revision for tomorrow's Haematology lab practical exam. And someone is waiting for her turn to use this public computer at my multipurpose hall in KTSN.

Yesterday I've had a wonderful time debating with my teammates, whom I shall be sticking with them for the entire tournament of Royals. Anyway, yea, since I've (only)recently started to love debate as it is rather than loving the people in the debating team (and then had crush on one of them), it's very fascinating that I learnt so much in just one day. Training for 5 rounds I think, till wee hours, again. Hopefully this time I wont fall sick again, not like last time after Tanjung Karang training when I fell sick after the humour round in the early morning.

A lot of things I have to let go, for example how great it is to have Jerry in my team last year, and start to accept my current teammates as they are. Anthony, Keat Lim and Sek Kuan will be in my team, whom I shall talk more about them in future post, maybe after Royals.

A lot of things I have to move on from, for example to accept the fact that *ahem* -him- is not going to be there for this Royals. Man, I was wondering how was I going to face him since this is the first time I meet him after I've confessed my feeling to him 2 months ago. But anyway, we sort of like took it in a mature way. When we mean it's over and the issue is closed, we can really still be friend and talk to each other as usual , just like when we were during Australs. No matter how much I'd love his presence, I have to always remind myself to cherish what I've got.

Everyone has crossed my path of life with a purpose. And I want to appreciate every arrangement God has made for me for I'm sure it's going to be the best thing for me ever. If not because of the crush (be it with anyone else in the team), I'm not going to love debate like I do now. It does take me a long time to realise the beauty of debate, but it's lucky that I hold on, that I have some reason to hold on and always go back to the team.

I think that's it for now. Hope I'll bring back good news from Royals this year =)

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