Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Prayer 2

Heavenly Father,

Father I'm such a chicken. I dare not tell Jun Hoe how he's such a blessing to me. May You listen to my prayers here and may You bless him abundantly just like how You've blessed me with such a great gift - to know a wonderful person like him.

I believe You have a purpose in Jun Hoe when you put him in UKM, Bangi, studying Zoology despite Pharmacy in UKM, KL campus, which he supposed to be qualified for.

A top student, and an experienced leader (though his Form 6 life may be quite a "meaningful" 2 years for him) he is. These two criteria in him are what I always look up to. And I see Your purpose in him now, Lord.

Diligent and dedicated. He always tends to put other people's need before his own, lifted burden from other's shoulders and put them on his. And tell us not to worry when he himself was fulled of thesis work and other red-tapes stuff for the debating team.

Speaking words which are helpful and soothing, even when he's critisizing, he speaks of truth and his genuine opinion. Though he thinks sometimes he's very sacarstic which may to other's dislike, but he has always done it in good manner, with civilised words. And he's been funny (to me, he's really a funny person) and makes us laugh our heart out sometimes.

Father, he might not know that he's done Your will in him. But may You have favour in him and may Jesus' precious blood covers him from the attacks of the evil ones. May You watch over him as he goes along with his daily life and continue to be the light that shines for You. May the blessings over flow him to the people around him, to his colleagues, his family members, his friends, or even to a stranger. Also, he's a coffee addict, if You are willing, may You bless him with good health, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Father, I pray for more love and kindness to be blessed upon him, as much as he's showed to the people around him. He thinks he's cool towards people, but sometimes, he's been warm to people at a lot more times which he didn't realise, which I really appreciate. He's been the giver all this while. May Jesus love him and be with him through good days and bad days. May Lord bless him with wisdom and strength for his future undertakings.

I'm also such a chicken I dare not tell him how sad I am when I know that I may not be able to meet him in future anymore. He's not going for Royals and I seriously don't know how long he's going to stay in UKM for he's always has a heart for preserving and conserving both environment and animals. But I know Jesus will always walk with him, thorugh roses and thorns.

What a great blessing you are to me, friend. You don't know how much you mean to me especially when you are the one who's made me fulfill God's will in me. I've seen my direction which I've been asking God for so long. May your life be more worth-while as you receive God's blessings. I've prayed for you and I believe God hears my prayers. You'll receive what I've prayed for you, Jun Hoe.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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