Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Prayer 3

I thought I was going to let the previous post sticks at there (as the first post every time people view my blog) for a very very long time, or maybe I would not going to be able to move forward from there. At least that was what I think when I was writing it. Now, I've had new things which I'd like to blog about, and I find it is not the way to let myself stop there forever. The world is still a great place even as I move on from him.

The next person I'd like to pray for is Fea. She's my senior debater at UKM, Bangi, whom I always find things became so interesting, if not funny, when they're coming out from her. Serious. Read her blog and you'll end up smilling the whole day =)

Heavenly Father,

I'd like to put Fea into Your mighty hand, Lord. May you bless her abundantly in her everyday life, giving her what is the best for her according to Your will in her.

Father, last night we were having a little warm up training session for Royals at KTHO, UKM Bangi. I was really moved to see that she's the only 4th year senior there for the first half of the session. Not only was she punctual despite her busy schedule (of course, no one has the right to be late and let others to wait for him/her, but she's punctual and same as other juniors), but she's trying her best to give us guidance and lead the discussion on the Black Water Crisis, which we had a debate on prior to the discussion. Everyone was tired because of exam or other personal businesses and the training was held at night. Yet, she tried to keep the discussion going and asked questions to make us think by ourselves rather than always relying on her for information.

Before this, she's always been the senior who has done a lot for our UKM debating team. She's the one (if not Jun Hoe) to deal with the red tape stuff for us before Jerry takes over the team leader post. I've never known exactly how difficult it is to get UKM sponsoring us to tournaments, but I believe it's not what everyone would like to sacrifice their time for.

Fea has shown commitment for the entire time I am in the team. She's always there for trainings, camps and etc. Even the training for Australs way back this July, she's there everyday despite the fact that she was not the one going for Australs! She's there because she understands that with so little people, we couldn't get a complete round and the training wouldn't be fruitful at the first place. It's she, being the Iron Lady (giving two speeches in one round of debate) for the training so that we managed to have the rounds went on.

Fea's also very committed in training the juniors. It's very obvious that suppose it's my batch that do the training now and let them concentrate on their work. But sad to say, not many debaters of my batch stay for the team. To be accurate, there are only 5 of us left. Great. She's there for the juniors whenever they need to have training for the coming tournament, like NHSD, like MIEDC. Again, she's not going for the tournaments, yet attended and conducted the trainings.

Lord, I want to thank You for putting Fea in my life. I've seen the most beautiful thing in this debate team. People just love each other so much that they’re willing to sacrifice for each other, and not expecting anything for return. For all the hardships You put in her life, made her understands how difficult it is to have not enough people for trainings, to have not enough money to go for tournaments. And because of this, she's willing to make our journey not that difficult as hers, by burning herself out.

Like the light Lord, She's shown the way and kept the debating team going. Even myself sometimes will hesitate on my journey. But it's because she's always been a caring senior and I miss the time to have her around, I attended the trainings. And I've learnt to love debate if not because I'd love to meet people like her during trainings. I have to say this – If not because I wished to stay with her during the NHSD training at KTSN rather than just meeting her and go back to room for revision as planned, I wouldn’t have landed myself with a chance to go for Royals. It is how she’s been kind to me all this while that without she knowing it, she made me retrieved my opportunity which I thought I’ve lost.

During the second last training (the Deepavali training), she attended both days of the training. Went back to her room at the wee hour and continued her thesis till early morning the next day, which should be passed up in the coming 2 days. She was very busy, but she still can make it for the training and stayed there, not showing any sign of business, not complaining about the arrangement of the training, and willing to have less sleep because that. Lord, how many more times she kept quite like this? How many more time she's been enduring the tiredness and putting up a smiling face to meet us during training? She even let me have her bed while she slept on the floor the night I bunked in with her as the training ended too late.

Father, Fea is Your wonderful creation. Because not only she's been the Fea You made her, but also because she has made me know that You are a wonderful and creative God. May she find favour in Your eyes and may You show favour and mercy upon her, Lord.

Father I pray for her smooth progression of her thesis work. I pray for more wisdom and guidance to be blessed upon her. May You always send Your angels for her when she needs them. May Jesus’ precious blood protects her and also, bless her with good health, Lord, especially during thesis year. It's going to be a tough year and we know we can't avoid it. Yet, I ask for Your accompany with her throughout this period, and may her not stumble on her journey, yet walk with faith that everything is going to be fine.

Father I also want to pray for her good performance during this coming Royals. I pray for wisdom as she speaks and I pray for good rounds and fair adjudication for which ever rounds they are in. May all those facts she's read flow into her mind and are on her fingertips whenever she needs them. For all the knowledge is from You, Lord, may You show her guidance to analyse the data to benefit her team. She’s been a great blessing in my life, and I want to know that she’ll also be the blessing in her team.

Fea, if you're reading this, please correct my English also yea, haha.. as if she's going to read my blog, or have the time for it. But believe me, if she's been here, I can expect to see some pink stain here and there all over my blog, haha! Told you she's a funny person, I can keep smiling by just thinking about her. Oh, she loves pink, by the way.

In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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