Thursday, September 20, 2007

For the Camp

These days I'm really choked with my studies. Next Monday I will have to hand in a complete case study answer to my case study group memnber. Also, on Monday 8am, we have a PBL session, which we all were given individual topic to search for to contribute to the discussion. We'll be evaluated individually base on our performance during the session. Great. In the mean time, lecturer notes piling up with the lab reports, and well..another dose of work is for this weekend's debate training camp. I was given a task to do research on Protectionism and Free Trade policy.

Actually when I was reading the articles I found on the net this morning (I slept at 5am), I was still wondering how I am suppose to structure all those information during my presentation. Also, how am I suppose to do the notes for them? Copy and paste? Will they think I'm too not serious with my duty? Write in my own words? But the sentences in the articles are all too good to be modified by me. I need more examples. I need further explaination from what I've got. But where else to look for it? I've tried a variety of keywords for these two issues, but most of the time, they were not what I was looking for. All and all, the main issue is: I don't really do a lot of deep-analysis reading. Newspaper doesn't talk about protectionism and free trade EVERYDAY, ok? I only knew Shinzo Abe's resigning from his post as Japanese youngest prime minister. A slow reader like me really will have indigestion problem after swallowing articles by articles. I've given up the flat world book. No time.

Half worrying my studies, half worrying my presentation during the camp, I am really under pressure. There was this moment I really thinking of giving up the camp. I thought I already told myself that I'm slowly leaving the team? Yet, either out of guilty or reluctance, I am still hanging on. Guilt because for 2 years this bunch of friends have given me the best memory of my uni life, and I am really looking forward for more, and I can't tell myself that I don't care for what they are going through now in organizing a training camp in Tanjung Karang. Not many debaters of my batch (now 3rd year) stay for the team. They really need non first-years to help up, to let the 1st years to just come and enjoy the best training camp. With this, after all the good times they gave me, how am I going to leave them when they are in need?

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.
[Proverbs 16:9]

Lord Jesus, I desperately need Your help! May You bless US in wisdom, to work as a team to organise this camp. No matter what, we're going to face the challenges together, with You as our teacher, to see Your will be done. I want to put this camp into Your mighty hand and may You make full use of the time and Your people. I also need wisdom to prepare for my presentation. May the Holy Spirit guide me in the research and presentation, to enlighten them about protectionism and free trade. Retain my salt and light for Your sake, Lord, as how You've made me and planned for me. It's time I shine for You. In Jesus' name, amen.

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