Saturday, September 29, 2007

Do you care?

These days I realize my blogging became pointless. It’s true that we can write whatever we like in our blog. Sometimes I wish to write something to bring awareness or to create discussion, to express my thoughts in sentences. But most of the time, I ended up writing about my daily life. Not really the deep reflection on my life, just what happen in a day or two.

Simply because I don’t give much deep thoughts into the issues, I have no idea what awareness I want to raise. Busy is a pathetic excuse. News such as Bukit Gantang bus accident, Nurin case, Myanmar strike etc, should be of something we can ponder on, not necessarily on HIV in African children, climate change or gay’s right at large. Why are these things happening? What is the human race up to now? Why were the drivers on drugs? Why are humans killing each other? Why are they not showing mercy to each other any more? Why…Father?

Are they lacking of love in their hearts? Are they not shown love? Father, the world is becoming crazy. As the demand for performance becomes a way to judge one’s worth of living, human became selfish. They’re climbing their own ladder. It does seem like everyone is moving forward together, but if one fall, will others come and give him a hand? Rat race, or how you call it, captures those who thought they’re winning in the game. There’s nothing wrong to be in the race at the first place, but not at the expense of neglecting the people around you.

Caught up with our own work as we are, but always remember to stop and look around, what’s happening around us. Is there a cry for a hug? Is there a need for a pat at the back? Is there a need for a wake-up call? Is there anyone sick next door, who may need your help to just...get some warm water for them to have their medication? What can you do to contribute to the society you’re living in? How can you change a life? After all,

Life is to make a difference that you ever live at all.

Human race is separated from animals because we have the power to think, not only in problem solving, but asking questions and looking for their answers. But it doesn’t separate human from animals when the former doesn’t show love to its own species. The simplest way to show your love is by praying for others. When you talk to your Father in Heaven, you not only talk about yourselves, but you talk on behalf of other people in need.

Starting from today, let’s listen to the need from outside, and make a conscious effort to work with other in making the world a better place – begin with saying hi to your neighbours.

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juz call me wen... said...

Hi dear,
Its true that we should care more, help more and live more. :)

Hold that spirit, and i'm sure everyone of us can make a difference in this world.