Sunday, September 09, 2007

short updates

I've been quite busy these days, nearly no time for me to rest if the debate training at Bangi last Saturday was not cancelled.

Tomorrow morning 8:00am I have Problem-Based Learning (PBL) of Immunology, which we had divided tasks among ourselves to look for information within 4 days. Right after my PBL is my QBL (Question-Based Learning) of (again)Immunology. This, seriously, is slightly more important than the former because we have to present our findings on the given topic (Disease caused by Candida albicans in female genital tract). Also 4 days to look up information plus compile the power point slides from each member of my team prior to presentation. I was the one doing editing.

Thursday I have a SLP (Self-Learning Package) assignment of Basic Biomolecule (Genetics) to hand in. But of course, I have to finish reading several chapters before answering the questions given, right? And there are a LOT of questions, OK?

Please give me a break...

By the way, this coming Thursday 13th September 2007 is my 21st-birthday le! Hope everything will go well and I manage to get myself a little rest after all these presentations and assignments.

Oh, another update: My crush has replied my confession, ha~ He said he actually suspect it a few months ago and actually (nothing funny here, this is the WoRsT night mare I could ever have, ok?) some people in the debating team already suspected this way before him and told him!! Crap..Crap..Crap.. I thought I felt like digging a hole for myself and die in there *sob*sob* But he told me it's not too bad and not to worry about it. He said we still can be friends and etc.

So, that's it for this time. I wont be around until the wireless connection in my room resumes. It had been more than 2 days I didn't have connection in my room, another misery *sigh* But maybe it's good, because I have no choice but to push myself to study instead, ha~

Everybody gambateh!

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