Friday, September 14, 2007

The 21st 13th Sept

21 years ago, the cry of a baby girl in Penang Medical Center (now Gleanegles Medical Center) marked her arrival in this world. God had breathed into her nostrils the breath of Life, and the girl became a living being. In a very delicate way God had created her. Not only the creation, but everything regarding her was planned for her before she's conceived. She's made for a special reason. She's given a task, which at the end, will fulfill God's will and bring glory to God. She looked just like any normal girls. But she and her Creator know better.

For 21 years I've lived, I only know Jesus for less than 2 years. Yet, He has known me even when I was still in my mum's womb.

Looking back the days in your life, what will be your comment?

My answer is: A smile.

I'm a blessed girl. I'm from a middle-class, functioning family, with siblings to quarrel with; kind people I met, and become friends; studying in local university, which enables me to help my parents to save up a lot of money while at the same time acquiring precious knowledge in medical/life sciences field (my choice) from knowledgeable lecturers who teach in variety of interesting styles.

I am still healthy and young, can walk, jog, run, jump, reach the books on relatively high bookshelves (OH, books!), bend down to pass a sweet to a kid and pinch his chubby face, and basically, take care of my own self. Very often, God has sent His angels to me when I need someone. I have friends to tell secret to and share my craziness about my crush (who is gradually loosing his effect on me now), take me as I am, and... remember my birthday :-)

I received quite a number of birthday wishes on Thursday, which's my 21st birthday! Surpising wishes from friends I never expect them to remember my birthday, and heart-warming wishes from my old friends - they still remember ;-)

The most important fact is: I was given a chance to hear the Good News, and a chance to choose, whether or not to follow Christ. Many more people have yet to know the Lord, because they havn't heard about the Good News. But I'm one of those whom have ear to listen. And I made my decision to live my life for Christ. This is the best gift, for me to stay in His love and inherit His kingdom as children of God.

Jesus, I want to thank You for Your blessings in these past 21 years of life. Life has never been so interesting before I know You. You showed me love when I thought no one will care, and amazed me through the miracles I never knew could happen to me. You always listen to my prayers and I know You are real, not only according to the Bible, but also personal encounters.

Lord please forgive my sins and may I be Your salt and light to the people around me. May You lead my life and walk with me through thick and thin, ups and downs. Last but not least, may I know my specialty as I continue the journey of self-exploration. Through this, I will know better how awesome my Creator is. And I will give glory to You, Lord.

For years to come, I want to be a humble servant for God. And may I be used to serve Him in ways He wanted me to. Amen.

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Happy belated birthday