Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm Back!

As the beautiful city-light night view of KL emerged in front of us, with me staring at my reflection on the window of UKM Bangi bus, we cruised reluctantly towards the urbanized jungle of high-rise buildng from Tanjung Karang.

Brought with us was the wonderful memory of our debate weekend. The sight of glittering KLCC is always welcomed, but not for this time. It marked the end of the crazy weekend we had had and it's time to go back to lectures, lab reports and soon, final exams.

UKM facility in Tanjung Karang is well-kept and offers superb facilities, unless one thinks air-conditioned double room and clean, well-furnished toilet are not good enough. We also had a chance to visit the pasar bazaar there, and indulged in a variety of food from there. It's always a benefit for us to go to night market like this with a huge bunch of crowds because one can share different kind of food and enjoy the variety :-) Basically, we enjoy Malaysian food.

The training camp wouldn't be that fun if Fea, Jespreet and Wey Wen didn't turn up. Inside, I'm very grateful to have them around for this camp. Jokes and roaring laughter they caused aside, they made our training more intensive and that's the purpose of this camp at the first place - get as many training as possible since we might not have the chance to have training before the training-cum-selection camp on 5th-7th Oct 2007. Most importantly, they demonstrated the fun way to debate and learn in the process.

The camp was fun and luckily my crush didn't turn up. He was in Singapore for NUS (National University of Singapore) tournament with Meng Fai, Kelly and Violet. He and Meng Fai broke into semi as a team and Kelly broke into quarter final as an adjudicator.

If you asked me whether or not I'm still staying for the team, I'll answer you: I don't know. Sure I hope to contribute to them, if it's in my ability, as I still put my study at the first priority. Still, the memory with them is something as precious as knowledge to me, as the best part of my university life.

OK! Back to studies!

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