Monday, September 17, 2007

Things I Want to RoAr About

1. The internet connection is WAYYY too slow…

2. Homework, assignments, tutorials, PBL, lab reports, lecture noteS..YIOHHH!

3. Debate training camp this weekend at Tanjung Karang! I actually have bought a small tin of kuih raya to treat those attending the camp. Hope it is still edible until this weekend. No preservatives added I think.

4. Can my debate juniors be more cooperative in replying messages?!

5. I wonder if my (ex-)crush is going to the Tanjung Karang debate camp. If yes, I wonder how am I going to deal with the embarrassment. ARRGGGH!!

6. I have to skip Dr.Fawwaz’s afternoon class on Friday because Jerry wanted us to get our asses on the UKM Bangi bus on Friday 1230 and depart to Tanjung Karang together.

7. I need to swallow the book The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman ASAP!!

8. What is Bernard doing in ktsndebaters yahoogroup?! Last year I invited him to join UKM debating team for so many times yet he didn’t want to accept the invitation but now signing in the group without asking the owner’s (me) permission. That group is only for KTSN debaters OK…

9. One packet of Nescafe 3 in 1 Regular is no longer effective for me! NO~

10. My parents are coming to KL on 7th Oct 07!! Yay!

11. My sister is celebrating her 23th birthday in Newcastle on 18th Sept 07!!

12. I’m SOOO gonna swallow the Newsweek collections in my campus library to come up with the materials needed for my debate camp assignment – Protectionism Policy and Free Trade. I have to compile it into notes form to distribute to everyone and also present in during the camp this weekend.

13. Really, can the internet speed be a little faster, please?


raziel the undead nomad said...

u really like the happy 3 frens huh?

cher linn said...

wei u weren't reading my post meh? haha, it's just coincident la. i find it suits the spirit of the post. but i do enjoy watching happy tree friends :-)