Thursday, September 06, 2007

Teh Ais and Teh O Ais

I always get myself confused with teh ais and teh O ais. Whenever I wanted to order teh o ais, only "teh ais" came out from my mouth.

I figured out the reason: maybe because teh (tea) to me is the typical chinese tea, which is dark brown colour when it is served. Hence, if you want teh ais (ice tea), you just need to add ice into the tea and it shouldn't change the colour of the drink. So, if I wanted the tea to be served with ice and it's in dark brown colour, it's "teh ais".

But apparently for the Malays, teh is the drink you get when you poured hot water into the tea leaves before adding condensed milk to the filtered liquid. Hence, teh ais for them is like teh tarik with ice, just that you don't need to "tarik" the drink as you have to add ice to cool down the drink anyway.

I seldom order teh ais or teh O ais or any other drinks from my cafe in KTSN, because they prepare the drinks with relatively high sugar content. Not that they don't know the diseases might follow with high sugar consumption, but it's because the students used to complain to them that the drink became tasteless after the ice melted in the drink. So, to keep the customers (happy), they have to serve the drinks according their likeness. That's how people do business, no? Meet the demand.

And once in a while, my cafe will have a very annoying and troublesome customer walks up to them and orders "teh ais kurang manis (less sugar), memang kurang manis ya." (they have to specially do a sperate cup of sugar-less tea just for her)before she realises that she actually wanted to order teh O ais, kurang manis.

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