Tuesday, September 11, 2007

YuM~yUm *Sushi*

Today I went to Sushi King with some of my friends (namely, Chee Mun the driver a.k.a our big brother, Steven a.k.a uncle of our course with new pig-head hair-do *grin*, Choi Yoke a.k.a the queen who flirt with lecturers of all races *globalisation- no boundaries*, and Wan Yin, a very decent, polite girl) from the same course. You may notice I don't call them coursemates now because we crap about nothing related to homework over the table. Well, mostly gossips among the coursemates and some other stuff like the models we think are beautiful, Jacky Cheung's concert, selling and purchasing cars, teasing Chee Mun and his girlfriend, teasing Choi Yoke and her lecturer-killer ability, Steven's new hair cut, and etc.

It was, in fact, my real first outing with my coursemates (as friends) after 2 ++ years of studying together. What a shame on me it is, but actually I longed for this kind of outing with any of them ever since first year. Really. Yet, I still wont be joining them for Karaoke la, I'm not the singing type, you see. I only sing to myself and sing in church to God. However, loads of them love Karaoke, but never heard of them love visiting book store, which is my favourite outing.

First, not a lot of them love reading as lecture notes and text books already can cause phobia to books in us. Second, those who love reading don't necessarily buy books from book store because the books there are quite expensive. Even me myself will think more than twice before buying a 3 for 2 discounted books. Hence, they may find it pointless to visit book stores.

My coursemates are always very different from me. The different is not only whether to go for "Green Box" or "Red Box" for karaoke, it's whether one enjoy karaoke or not. And it seems like I'm not of the same generation as them because I don't really enjoy the activities they do.

Another example: they play cards; I can't even understand how the game goes after rounds and rounds of observation. They listen to mandarin songs and always stick to mandarin radio station; me, I only switch between Mix FM, Hitz Fm, and to a lesser frequency, Light and Easy. If the DJs are crapping, I'll listen to the songs downloaded in my MP3. Most of them love My FM; I find the station plays more advertisement than songs and the DJ are not funny.

They watch horror movies; I NEVER allow myself to get into the theater playing this movie genera.

Some of them gossips; I don't like judgemental discussion.

Some of them whisper to each other, well, if it's not meant for me to hear, my ego wont allow me to poke my nose into the topic, and with this, I believe I missed out a lot of updates regarding other coursemates.

Some of them tell lame jokes; I don't do polite laughing to entertain or just to give face. When I really laughed at a joke, I mean it. My humor sense doesn't match with theirs as some of them might genuinely find the joke funny.

I live in hostel provided by university, they rent their own apartment outside.

I believe there are loads more but I can't think of them now. Enought about the difference.

But I really enjoyed the hi-tea-cum-dinner just now. It was, again, the people around me who made the atmosphere fun. I didn't feel awkward to join them for sushi, but rather, it was a blessed time with good food and good conversations. Amazingly, it gave me the feeling I experience everytime I came back from outing with my debater friends. I always thought I could only feel like this when I'm with those bimbo debaters I know. But apparently, there's something new and precious I have to explore before I graduate *smile*.

To my coursemates, may the true friendship last. Amen.

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