Monday, September 03, 2007

Tough Decision, Great Trip

31st Aug 2007
Met Adeline on MSN. I told her I was still hesitating whether or not to go for the trip to Tasik Keyir, and get her shocked. We were suppose to gather at KTSN bus stop at 10:00pm, which's 30 minutes to go. I hadn't packed. Didn't even sure about what I want. After pouring out all the doubts regarding this trip and what might follows, from my "inconveniences" to confessing my feeling to my crush in debating team, my chances of going increased gradually. I was scared of the sudden change of mind. I wasn't ready to change my mind and face what's awaiting with that option.

Finally, I called Jun Hoe, who is incharge of the NUS trip on 22nd Sept 2007, a debate tournament which clashes with my co-curriculum vital activity (simulasi) if I choose to ride the bus to Terengganu tonight. It was totally opposite of my initial plan. The final issue which sent me packing was the fact that we will have to use our individual's passport to go to Singapore. I thought they'll apply group passport at first, but now, it doesn't matter, I don't think I have time to get myself one these days, or before the NUS Open debate tournament on 22nd - 23rd Sept 2007. I know we can get the passport done very soon, but I need all the documents and hey..I don't even know where or how to travel to the place where we register for passport. doesn't matter, as if I'm going to stay in the team long huh.. RM300 for 5 years. I have less than 3 years of debating year to go. Also, not that I'm going to travel oversea often. Unless I can always meet up Victor from Monash University, hee hee!

*ahem* So (blushing slightly), I made up my mind to go for the trip. I packed all clothes and toiletries and other neccessities for th2 days 2 nights trip in 10 minutes and rushed to brush my teeth before I set off to bus stop. WOo, I never know I can do this! I surprised Adeline with my instant packing skill, must be the experience of packing for debate tournament :-) I miss debate tournaments. I might not be able to attend NUS this time, but maybe it's a good thing. It was what I planned earlier wasn't it? To avoid embarrassing moment when he's around. Hence, i went for the trip and arrived safely in KTSN on Sunday night, around 8:30pm.

I'll post the photos from the trip here later, for I am not in the mood to do the usual story-telling from beginning to end. Also due to the reason I am quite busy as the class resumed after the mid semester exam was over. Loads of reports piled up during exam week and now even heavier as loads of lectures need to read from extra material.

Overall, the trip was fun, but not all event. I tried to appreciate what the committee had installed for us. I really did. But some of the time, I was quite frustrated, yet not to the extend of regreting I should've stayed back that day. Overall, the food was great, the weather over there was crazy and the night we spent there BBQ-ing, playing card games and astonished by the clear East coast night sky decorated with beautiful twinkling stars like a carpet spreaded over the horizon, were all so memorable for me.

Here are some of the pictures taken during the trip. They are from my own Samsung handphone X660.

A breath-taking scene at Tasik Kenyir, the largest man-made lake in Malayia.

I can't believe my hp could produce this kind of wallpaper like effect, ha~

In the boat on the way to take water sample from the middle of the lake: (clock-wise from left the red-shirt girl) Siew Tyng, Lee Yen, Choi Yoke, Me, and Shirley.

This picture was taken at Kuala Terengganu, a jetty there. We visited there before we departed back KL.

Tell me again why I like sea? Because it reminds me of the sea in Penang. I miss the salty breeze and the calming effect of the wide sea view. Terengganu has more beautiful sea view than this. But we didn't get to stop by it.

What a trip!

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