Friday, August 31, 2007


So, people, here I proudly present to you a much edited, with-loads-of-photo-uploaded-in-other-posts blog. It took me quite some time to do these changes. It started off when I decided to add something to this site and I asked my friend, Si Zhe to teach me how to, since I like some of the features at his site. Patiently, he taught me, a technophobe, step by step from upgrading my blog to adding and utilizing new features. Then I went on exploring some other features, like loading photos, which I've always wanted to do but due to slow internet connection previously, I lazy to try out.

I've added a picture at my profile and in other old posts (especially my Nov's post - OPKIM, put loads of effort there, and my July's post - fave song4, and lastly the post below this one - A walk at the Park), links to other friend's blog which I always visit, news from Google, and a poll! I'm actually thinking of removing the news (Stretch out) links, but I think I could give chance to sruvive first. If I really find it redundant, I'll just chunked it out later. About the poll, I'll think of more interesting questions to ask. I was thinking of "Who's your favourite leader?" at first, with the options as Pak Lah, Dr.M, George Bush and lastly Thaksin, maybe another is Saddam Hussein, who knows, right? But I think..nah, better use the mild one first.

I find myself slowly crawling out from the technophobiac shell, hee hee. Now I have landed myself with a friendster and MSN, which are actively adding more and more friends in it. I used to ask myself: If I don't feel like chatting with a person but this person came and start a conversation, ain't I have to entertain he/she too, for he/she's my friend? and etc. I see people leaving nonsense at someone's friendster's page, which I think..yea. If deleted it, maybe it'll annoyed that friend? Anyway, what I do now is, I only add those friends I really want to keep in touch, others, if they'll come and add me, I'll just accept. Besides, it's not that my site has a lot to offer, maybe later they'll find it boring and don't bother to come and check out my recent doings, then what's the point of keeping in touch?

Maybe a lot of people will have something to say regarding this keeping in touch thing. Yea, I'm not very socialise as some may notice, because sometimes I really can't fit into their circle you see, and I've been in more circles which I finally decided to leave than stay. Hence, I find it tiresome to be who I am not just to be with someone. Next time, if you see me talking to you, that means I think I can communicate with you and wish to treat you as real friend *smile*

I'd like to hear some feedbacks regarding these changes. It's my first big modification, you see, still excited about it :-) Next thing I'm going to explore is to change the colour and font of some of the texts and etc.

p/s: Jun Ling, when are you going to decide to change to blogspot? Hee hee.

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