Monday, August 20, 2007


Man, that was like a plague in KTSN, or was it only me?

Previously (ok, at least since July) KTSN has a fairly good coverage of wireless in several residential blocs and places like cafes and area corridoor next to the multi-purpose hall. Students with laptops or desktops have been benefited with the FREE internet access at anytime they wish to go online.

Two days ago the wireless signal suddenly went dramatically low, so slow that Internet Explorer couldn't browse a relatively isolated site(hence need much less effort to load) like this page. I had to keep convincing myself that "It's because too many flooding my Shared Days blog hence I couldn't get into it." to avoid me from breaking into CC in KTSN (where I'll have to pay for the internet access).

I even went around asking people if the same happened to them. It's not because I wanted everyone to suffer the same situation as me but it's because I never know what to do if it's only the problem with my laptop. I'm a technophobiac, you see. And I really didn't do much harm to my laptop. I dare not even explore the "complicated" stuff like *ahem* Yahoo! messenger which is on the menu bar of Internet Explorer all this while. And if it's so happened that it's my fault to spoil the computer, I just wouldn't know how to learn from my mistakes, if I know any.

For the hours when I couldn't go online in my room, I found myself wondering what will be in my mail box the next time I log in. I've addicted to internet! Man... Luckily the next day I can go to campus and online there.

Anyway, the plague seemed to resolved because now I'm sitting in my room and typing this post at my still-functioning laptop. I dunno what happened, but I hope the wireless service will erm.. always sufficient for us. I'm quite satisfy with the current connection speed actually, I don't need super-fast loading of information just to check mail. As long as I can stay in my room and e-mail my friends the homework or reports which we need to compile together at the middle of the night, I'm satisfy :-)

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