Thursday, August 23, 2007

S-hole day..

My new definition of asshole:

1. She had <10% confidence when she poked the needle into her friend's arm to withdraw blood. She couldn't even see the vein she's poking!
2. She locked herself out of the room.
3. Her friend invited her to an online game website with the kind intention of making her relax a little while studying for midsem exam, yet she said she'd only visit the site after said friend do the true friend test down there.
4. She asked desperately for the said friend to leave a testimony at her friendster site, which, she didn't tell her other friends about its existence at the first place.
5. She failed twice in the attempt to withdraw her friend's blood AND she sobbed outside the lab.
6. She has forgotten how to leave a comment in her friends' blog in friendster.
7. She couldn't stop talking when sitting with her ex-roommate in the library.
8. She laughs with no reason at EVERY facial expression her ex-roommate does. She thinks that girl is a born joker.
9. She confessed her feeling towards her Mr.Crush in the thank-you card she gave him as his graduation-congratulating card.
10. She's writing this post.

Yea, that's what on my mind after the long day at class and lab yesterday, felt the word repeating in my brain even more after i realised i've forgotten to bring along my room key before i left the room. How could have I done that? i've stayed in that room for more than 1 year! Stupid asshole.

If you believed that I'd ever call myself an asshole, you can add that to the list and... the definition will no longer point at me.. hee hee


Jun Ling said...

Hey gal, dun be so hard on urself ya...It's not as bad as u think it seems...I've seen qualified nurses unable to draw blood fr patient hence the patient's arm was so badly bruised. It's a skill which needs to be practised. Pray b4 u attempt, maybe it'll help calm u down. And maybe get a light-skinned subject? kekekeke! the veins more visible rite? :)

Locking urself out...erm...i dun it million times...tat's y merlinda or kim will hav my spare keys. I think it's call forgetful/too much things on my mind or i'm in a rush! Cool~

Ya, when i meet my x-roomate whom is my coursemate...we cant stop catching up also. Just...we'll choose to walk out the library maybe to the cafe...As we dun like someone chatting in the library when we are trying to hard to stuff info in2ouro verworked brains :)

Honesty is the best policy...telling ppl wat's on ur mind is not a bad thing. But telling lies is! haha! Dun worry bout confession...If u dun feel good after confession...learn not to do it again, perhap? :)

You are doing great there. As u r someone deeply loved by SOmeone Up there :)

God bless sis!

cher linn said...

thanks dear ;-)
i just got pressurized by my lecturer who was asking:"Sejak tadi masih raba lagi kat tangan dia?" when i was trying to feel the vien. By that time, not a lot of people willing to be subject because..hey, we were ALL first-timer!

Praying helped me not to have shaky hands. Miraculously steady hands, man! but not the skill, which is really the skill we have to acquire through practices.

you start a blogspot? but i can't reach your profile le..

bout the library thing, ha, that's why i said it's S..