Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Walk at the Park

Finished my mid semester exam last paper 3 hours ago. What a relieve! Not because the paper was easy, but was because everyone think it's tough! Hee hee~ Anyway, I decided to do something to adjust back my mental status, ha. I thought of going out, maybe to bookstore again. But tonight's plan of speculating the fireworks celebration of Malaysia's 50th Independence Day with Su Yin reminded me of possible traffic jams and crowd outside. I might as well get some rest on the bed with a good book. I haven't finished Jodi Picoult's Songs of the Humpback Whale. It's good I finish this book before I buy a new one.

At the end, the windy weather urged me to have a walk at Tasik Titiwangsa, a beautiful park situated right outside my hostel. Sometimes I like to ask my friends along. But I believe this time most of them went out partying to celebrate the end of the midsem exam and also independence day *smile* So, I just brought along my MP3 player and set off.

It was a nice walk. KTSN itself is a beautiful hostel, with trees all over the large compound, people playing volley ball at the court and so on. The main reason everything seemed so wonderful is because of the rain before this. It has washed the Earth clean and left the breeze to be so fresh in a piece of land situated in the middle of the KL city. Some pictures of KTSN:

It was very quite and peaceful around the park. I walked pass my favourite tunnel which is grown with leaves all over it. I walked slowly, letting my leg carry me to a place I know too well to get lost - the concourse where Eye on Malaysia fairy wheel is. I looked around the green park, but I wasn't observing. My eyes needed to relax after a few days and nights of straining as I burnt the midnight oil. The music played in my ears and the breeze blew on my face. A pair of husband and wife were playing badminton with each other. How nice is it to have a partner you can always play badminton with? Or carry out any other activities with? That's what marriage is, no? A soul mate whom you can give your hands to and walk the rest of the journey together.
Picture of Eye on Malaysia:
The lake is a wonderful place to visit if you know how to appreciate it. I wonder if the people at war would ever get a chance to experience this peacefulness? Will they ever have a moment not thinking about anything, not worrying about wandering around and not be kidnapped, with no fear about when and where the next bomb is going to land...

Malaysia is turning 50 by tonight. She is a well-blessed nation I have to say. Despite the multiracial and multicultural society, the country stands strong because the people are united. A dream fought by so many knights years ago, and they had succeded -- to announce the land independent from colonization. A journey walked by so many leaders and followers, as they headed the same direction -- to see Malaysia thrive. A future to be uphold together by the next generation -- to maintain our identity, the colourful Malaysia as she always is, and yet, a more developed country as she WILL be.

Malaysia Boleh!

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juz call me wen... said...

:) Its good that you learnt to enjoy life in hostel...

Just as people say, if you can't change it, live with it. My addition: and learn to enjoy it!