Thursday, August 23, 2007

so sick

I'm feeling sick these days.

Quite a number of my friends are sick. Some of them cough, some of them sneeze. I was still ok. I think their immunity level had gone low due to pressure and insufficient sleep as the mid sem exam draws nearer. What have I done? I also stay up and sometimes 2 dose of coffee per day, with little water to replace those I've lost by the effect of caffein. My immunity is going low even without my friends' help with the exposure.

Today, the friend who were coughing next to me during previous lecture was absent. It was ME coughing instead. Not very severe la, just now and then a little cough as my lecturer was delivering the lecture. But enough to ring an alarm that -- it's's starting.. Am I too paranoid? ha~

Anyway, I went to 7-11 to look for Strepsil cough lozenges in purple colour, which has proven to cure my severe chesty cough in just 2-3 days previously. No, i couldn't find what I'm looking for. Fine. I'll survive anyway.

The real thing i'm sick OF is : the fact that my coursemates of different racial background, after 2 ++ years of studying together, still doesn't know who's who. I'm more to annoyed than surprised by this, as they said innocently "i don't know who's he/she.". Yes, they don't know. But at least they know someone name (let say) Nadiah AND she/he has to pay some fee to her, don't they want to at least ask around to look for Nadiah themselves? They actually just waited for the Whoever to approach them then only to pay the fee. They think it's not their fault if they didn't manage to pay for the event at the end of the day because "they don't know who to pay to". After that, it's deal. They don't owe each other and it doesn't matter who's Nadiah.

So sick.

That's what racial integration in university means huh? They are proven to have the chance to mix with each other because they are sitting in the same big lecture hall together, let alone the fact that they're actually sitting in groups of the same racial background. Fine, freedom to sit wherever you feel comfortable.

They are proven mingling around because they hold activities together, when in fact, only a race is organizing and another race is participating and complaining the work by the committee.

They are proven to communicate with each other when they have to hand in group report or project. Yet, only one party is taking the initiative to complete it in well-done form, and at the same time, egging the other to do their part and hand in on time to be compiled before submitting it to the lecturer. Yea, loads of communication here. "bila boleh siap?" , "Hari ini mesti hantar ok? Last day dah!"

It's not the effort of the government or the lecturers that's lacking but the awareness among the students is. They don't know the importance. They don't know the true meaning of getting know someone. They don't appreciate. They want unity, only of their own race, but they...have been left out of the joy in celebrating the diversity of university. They are just being ignorant. They thought if mingled with other race, their mother tongue will LOST forever, because they're getting less chance to speak in the language. So scary huh.

So sick.

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