Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Last Sunday was my senior buddy - Yoke Hwa's convo, as well as Wey Wen's. That's the only convo session I think of going at the very beginning. Because it's on Sunday and I think I somehow had a "duty" to turn up for my buddy's convo to congratulate her and know how she is doing lately. For Wey Wen, I really wish to meet her, and return her book I Dreamed of Africa, but I think I can pass it to her later, hee hee. Just to meet her up and see if she had grown taller. Anyway, I gave my buddy a bouquet of flower and a Winnie-the-Pooh-in-graduation-robe soft toy, both gifts cost were shared among my co-buddy and each other's little buddy and grandbuddy. As for Wey Wen, I bought her a little red soft toy too, specially hand-picked by myself and shared with Lorraine.

On that day, I also met up with other graduated seniors-cum-friends, took picture together and sent them best wishes. Some are working in KL currently, so, yea, no need so sad about their leaving la.

Today, was his convo. I struggled within myself whether to go or not. I have a card to give him, but I've pasted a stamp on the envelope and some more already written his home address. I can just drop it in a post box right outside KTSN. Now the card is still with me. And I just read his blog and look at some pictures he took during his convo. And there's a little small voice inside me saying:"I could've gone for his convo.."

His convo session was schedulled at the least favourite time: in the evening(right after office hour) on a weekday. Great. Some more in the afternoon I have lab. With the mid sem exam getting nearer and nearer, I finally convince myself that I don't have to go. Fea and other debater will surely turn up with better gifts than my.. what? A small thank-you card? yea..

But somehow.. I still think I could've turn up for this event lo, to take picture with him or whatever, even though he thought this is not really a big event..

I could've gone... Sorry


juz call me wen... said...

:) hey baby... jia you! heehee

Crushes are great, but they can be greater if the person knows! ^.^

cher linn said...

actually i've told him in the thank-you card, dunno if he's read it, ha~ but honestly spilling it out to him makes me feel a lot better. now i can concentrate a lot more in my preparation for midsem test. hope didn't cause him misery or cunfusion though, because i ask for nothing in return.

thanks for dropping by, hee hee