Monday, August 13, 2007

Outing with the debate babies

Last Friday was fun, very fun, even though we did get lost on the way back to KTSN from KLCC, but we still had our share of fun :-)

Stella came up with the idea of KTSN debaters watching movie together. Although Rush Hour 3 wasn't her original idea, but due to the majority of the juniors opted for it over Simpsons, hence, there we were, KLCC TGV, laughing out our lungs at Jackie Chan as Inspector Lee, who really doesn't want any trouble, but somehow always ends up in trouble (and of course, getting out of it) and Chris Tucker as James Carter, the wide-eyed, fast-talking African-American cop, whose primary motive in every operation is probably to get laid, with flashes of unintentional courage in between, as how my friend Zhi Wei put it in his blog.

The 11 of us met up at Kinokuniya and had dinner together at the food court. It just very pleasant to be with them. Some were quiet, some were outspoken, and Nina was the one with her digital camera taking our photos when we were not looking. But I have to say, some of the photo taken are quite artistic though!

The movie was more to a comedy than action thriller. The audience laughed together at most of the scenes, if not the entire show. That's the superb benefit of watching movie with a bunch of friends. We not only got to sit together and share the popcorn, but also to laugh together and it didn't matter who laughed the loudest, because we all were enjoying the movie. So, go ahead and laugh! I did feel the difference between watching a comedy with a friend and a bunch of friends. Compare the watching Night at the Muzium with Bernard. It was a comedy and watching movie with him was fun too, but the atmosphere was much different. The joy was like doubled or more when we shared with more people.

After the movie and visited some shops (I managed to visit the shop Room - interior products and get Jun Hoe some coasters as his graduation gift) and they bought some cakes from Secret Recipe, we headed to the bus stop. We were wondering which bus to take because it's been long I didn't visit KLCC and they said there were some changes with the bus number and probably the route. In the end, bus number 114 turned up at the bus stop. I've never boarded 114 to any place, but since they said they took 114 to reach KLCC, we assumed that we'd be able to reach our place anyway and boarded the bus.

Down the road, we didn't notice where we were heading. I didn't bother to pay attention because even if I did, I wouldn't know whether or not we were heading the "correct" direction, ha~ I have terrible sense of direction, you see. But since this time I was with a bunch of friends, I wouldn't be so scare if we get lost. We'll face it together, won't we?

And that's right, we got lost, ha~ The 114 bus was heading to Maluri, a place which I can only tell that STAR LRT -will- pass by that station. The bus driver drop us at a quite isolated station (it was quite late already) and we figured out a STAR LRT station near by. We ended up taking LRT back to Titiwangsa station and flagged down taxis to return to KTSN. And we called that a night :-)

I don't like to travel in public transport around KL at night time and I'm a person with terrible sense of direction hence I usually don't board a bus which I'm not familiar with. But this time, it was a great experience, because it's my first time, to travel in public transport and get lost in a place I was totally a strager to and yet, not feeling even a little afraid or panic. However, I see it as a joke, ha~ How often can we do that in our lives? Taking things as a joke in our life and laugh at it as it is.

That's all. Thanks to my wonderful companions namely Bernard, Stella, Lorraine, Christinal, Prisca, Matthew, Reno, J, Nina, and Issac.

By the way, if you have not noticed, I've just added a Test at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to answer some questions from me ya! Happy trying ;0)

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