Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ha.hA HoRmoNe

Is there anything more challenging than having PMS during the very-stressful-already mid sem test week?

Some more I may have to change my plan about going to Tasik Kenyir after exam. It's a trip with coursemates to take water sample from the lake for our Mikrobiologi Kesihatan dan Persekitaran (Health and Environment Microbiology) subject. Because of this "inconvenience", I may not be able to enter the lake to get hands on experience to collect water sample, so what's the point I'm following? Furthermore, we might have to sleep in tent because of tight budget. It's not the problem of sleeping in tent. In fact, I'd like to have this kind of camping experience when I have the chance to. Yet, what's the purpose of the trip again? Yea, rite, as if it's so easy to decide to go or not to go. I have to think of a way to tell my male lecturer my situation ok? Even if I followed them still, yet at the end I didn't enter the water, everyone would've guessed the reason OK? Man...Really hard to decide la, really decidophobia, as how Bernard likes to put it when I cannot make up my mind about something trivial.

Wey Wen is asking the ukm debaters for a movie some time around Independence Day, which clashes with the trip. But I'd like to join them for this too! *sigh*


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