Sunday, August 26, 2007

Who would like this twenty-dollar bill?

No, I'm not giving away money here, but just to share a story I find interesting with you all. Here goes:

There was a lecturer who began a seminar by holding up a twenty-dollar bill and asking:

'Who would like this twenty-dollar bill?'

Several hands went up, but the lecturer said:'Before I give it to you, I have to do something.'

He screwed it up into a ball and said:'Who still wants this bill?'

The hands went up again.

'And what if I do this to it?'

He threw the crumpled bill at the wall, dropped it on the floor, insulted it, trampled on it, and once more showed them the bill - now all creased and dirty. He repeated the question, and the hands stayed up.

'Never forget this scene,'he said. 'It doesn't matter what I do to this money. It is still a twenty-dollar bill. So often in our lives, we are crumpled, trampled, ill-treated, insulted, and yet, despite all that, we are still worth the same.'

I got this story from the book Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho, which is the book that introduces me to this marvellous yet humble author, whom I quoted the sentence at the top of this page from. I like what were written in the book and a lot of my friends find the book interesting too. It is enlightening and inspiring, using simple analogies and short stories to relate to other incidents we might face in life.


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