Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hair cut with Mum

When is the last time you went to saloon with your mum? Man, I couldn’t remember. And this time, I am sitting right next to my mum and both of us have our hair cut at the same time.

I was thinking of having a hair cut or at least have a few snips at my fringe during this holiday and I happened to checked out this new saloon near my house a day before. The price is in the usual range but well, their deco are quite attractive. Hey, it helps, ok? At least I didn’t get the impression of “argh, old design, old fashion”. If I can afford to pay a little bit more, that means I expect result which is more than ordinary.

If you’ve been following my posts, there was once (in the post Hair Do), you can see that I really take good care of my hair. At least I don’t allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to handle my hair. A saloon’s impression (deco, skill, friendliness and etc) plays an important role in my decision making. I don’t want me to get shock at the result when it’s done and regret later.

And my mum happened to be thinking of having a hair cut, too! So we walked to the saloon in this fine Wednesday afternoon, wondering if it’s a good decision to let an unfamiliar hair dresser to have a go on our image.

Luckily, things turned out just fine. We told them what we had in mind and they also gave their suggestion. When my hair dresser and I finally came into agreement, I knew I can trust them enough by saying: you see how it fits and as long as it looked balance then it’s fine.

OHH, I just have to mention this: my hair dresser was such a cute guy! I wondered what cologne he used, he smelled like fruits yet it’s not too sweet like the usual fruity flavor fragrance. He was quite gentle too and eventually I felt sleepy. Ha! He was cute alright, but what’s the point when I had to remove my glasses for the entire session and I couldn’t see his face from the mirror? Anyway, his skill was satisfying as I had what I expected from him.

The idea of mum-is-sitting-next-to-me lingered all the while, too. I spent less and less time with my mum after Form 5. Now I should treasure more time to spend with my mum and do some girl stuff with her, no? We’ve done some shopping the other day, and I’m looking forward for more.

And one of the best part of outing with my mum is: I’m not paying, hee hee!

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