Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Parents' 25th Marriage Anniversarry

It's been 25 years my parents were married. For all these years they haven't have the chance to celebrate it, can you believe it?

But this year, when all their children are grown up and sent to study elsewhere, then only they have time to celebrate it. My mum said they only manage to remember it on the first anniversarry yet they didn't get to celebrate it. After that my elder sister was born and since then, they were too busy to celebrate their wedding anniversarry.

How is it like to have a 25 years of marriage? A lot of husbands and wives will have different views from my parents', as every family is different and every couple has different story.

My parents used to quarrel with each other, occasionally. My parents used to travel with each other and bring us along for holidays. My father sometimes might forget our birthdays but he remembers to buy flower for my mum during Valentine's Day. My mum often prepares my dad's favourite dish and is a caring wife and mother. They hold hands while shopping for groceries in super market and now they are watching TV together!

What is it so new about husband and wife watching TV together? Well, since my dad is a pure Banana (English educated) and my mum only loves Chinese drama, since my dad loves action movies and my mum finds it meaningless, since my dad loves F1 and football but my mum doesn't watch sports, they rarely have common interest in the sense of TV programmes. Yet, now they are watching a current Chinese drama together - with my dad barely understands the dialougue and tries to catch the progress of the story visually; and when my dad is watching football, my mum's sitting next to him reading newspaper - at least she's there for him.

After 25 years of bringing up children together, sure they've been through a lot of hardships and challenges. Yet, they faced them together and their marriage is getting stronger everyday. I don't see happy ending in my parents' love story - when they are together, everyday is a new day and there's no ending to it!

To my parents: I'm glad to be your daughter and may your marriage continue to blossom for many, many years to come! Thanks for the love and shelter you've provided me, support and advices you've given me and lessons you've taught me. I'm growing into a more mature person and I want to take care of you as how you've taken care of me for the past 21 years. And I love you =)

Oh, we celebrated this special day (5th Dec) in a Japanese restourant, hee hee!

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