Thursday, December 06, 2007

Same old, same Old

Met up with old schoolmates this evening. It was a planned gathering and everything went well.

I met up with my best friend since high school, Say Li, first, as planned. We have more things to share and since we've been catching up with each other as we meet on MSN previously, it was easier for us to catch up. We then watched The Golden Compass after we left Starbucks. The movie was alright - the plot, the acting, the presentation, the sound effect and such. Yet it ended with us hanging with the conclusion. Crap, so there is come back of it? This movie was less than 2 hours and I wasn't very happy about this. I was the one suggested to watch this movie at the first place alright. However, how was I suppose to know the story line seemed too simple? It was creative, yet I wasn't satisfied.

Anyway, then had Pizza with her in Pizza Hut and showed her some Australs photo before heading Pelita at Autocity to meet up with other friends. Also present that night was Siang Chun (who came to pick us up from Penang Megamall), Sin Yee, Seen Sze, Pei Aun, Koh Ying and her boy friend Wei Bing who joined us later, Hong Hai, and Hui Sin. We chatted and shared whatever we felt like. It's not often for us to meet up, especially Seen Sze who has very pack and weird schedule from the most of us. Anyway, everyone of their presence made the gathering more meaningful than without.

It was a great day out and hope to see them again real soon.

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