Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Link to Earth

I've read a friend's post on environment. It's really a good piece of writing, so I'd like to try out the link feature here to link to his article, here.

The article "Our Environment" is a post in conjunction with the Blog Action Day he joined. Most of the time, we find ourselves reading articles on -how- we can save the Earth or at least do our part in conserving the environment. But his article talked about -why- we should care for the mother nature. Isn't it comfortable to stay with what we are doing now? 16 degree C air-conditioned room during a raining day, drive in your expensive Yaris to a mamak store which is only within walking distance, throwing rubbish into the river hoping the nature to clean up the mess for you so you don't have to bring it to the proper rubbish disposal area... Life's so much better these days, aren't they?

Wake up, human! As an inhabitant on this piece of land, we are responsible to care for it instead of taking it for granted. Someone may laugh: "Why bother? Even if anything happen, it wont strike us, let the next generation to worry about it." True, that person may live comfortably till he die, but he may not notice the place he's living in, is not the same as in the last 10 or 20 years.

The monsoon season has become irregular, the weather becomes unpredictable and crazy, the air is so polluted that you cannot have a clear view of KLCC from building not far away. All of these, one may not notice the importance, but it affects us: Higher temperature outside makes you want to hit the air-conditioner remote control to lower the temperature in the room, hence hiking up your electric bill and you have to pay more! Thinning of ozone layer gradually limits your outdoor activities as long exposure of sun light may cause skin canser. Air pollution may cause lung disease as we breathe in all those harmful chemicals and gasses which are the waste of burnt fuel from our vehicles. Soon, you'll have a long list of rules prohibiting you from doing this and that. Oh man, do we have to go back to school rules again..?

Sometimes, it's necessary for us to drive, to board the plane, to turn on the air-conditioner, to open the fridge. But do it moderately and cut down unnecessary usage of these commodities. Find out ways to save electricity (such as the electric-saving light bulbs), reduce water wastage, emit less carbon dioxide per day and etc. Or maybe eat less McD :-) Wey Wen found an article on how supporting McD's beef burger encourages McD to rear more cows which burps can contribute to significance amount of nitrogen oxide and hence, green house effects. Don't laugh, but leave a comment.

You might get used to your mum yelling at you to clean up your room. But hey, it's important we do more than that. Clean up the Earth, today!

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