Friday, October 26, 2007

Royals 2007

I might have a chance to go for Royals Debate Championship in UiTM on 24th Nov 2007 till 29th Nov 2007 as not many people are available for it. Ai Huey says the selection is not done yet. Anyway, what I want to say is: I'm still interested for Royals and I'll let them to decide which way seems fit.

Though we cannot go for Worlds, but I still want to explore more in this field, both in debating and adjudicating. I'm open for everything, even being as a reserve, if they see it fair for others who went for training more often than I did. New thing I'm trying to get a grip on is: How to be a good whip (third speaker in a team). Seriously, cannot come up with new issues yet cannot be too repetitive when rebutting. It's not that easy, when you're talking about doing comparative analysis of the debate and also arguments packaging, man! I've been a first speaker(at some point, maybe some rounds in a tournament when we switched speakers' position among my teammates, ha). I've been a second speaker during Women InterVarsity Debating Tournament 2006 in UiTM Shah Alam and Pre-Australs 2006 in MMU Cyberjaya(or this is the 1st speaker) and Royals 2006 in UiTM Kuching, Sarawak. I've been an adjudicator in Australasia 2007 in UiTM Shah Alam this June and one more was during my first year, my first ever intervarsity debating tournament, also in UiTM though I've forgotten the name of the tournament, ha. I started to try out as a whip speaker during the last Tanjung Karang training. It's a great thing to learn. and I start to appreciate more and more about debate tournaments. It's not about winning or loosing, not so much about having fun with the team(though it's really a big part of my debating experience, hee hee), but it's the idea of having to learn how to express a thought with words, a higher level of communication. Also, the great ideas you get from debating which provokes one to think further: why is it wrong to do so, why we have to make a drastic change now, what AWARENESS we want to raise. All are so fascinating and I want to know more.

Thank God for the chance. I'll write more later, maybe after my exam.

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