Monday, October 29, 2007


A boy protests as his father insists for his son to get a hair cut before buying him a new car.

"But dad, that's not fair! Abraham had long hair, Moses had long hair, even Jesus had long hair, why can't I keep long hair too?"

"And they WALK everywhere."


Chui Yoke went for a hair rebonding, apparently. Now her hair looked much tidy. I never against anyone who wanted or refused to do anything to their hair, it's up to their call as long as they like the way it turns out, and sometimes, suits the occasion or event.

But I've always like my hair to be kept straight and smooth to the touch. If you ask me which type of hair style is easier to keep, straightened or curled, I'd say the former. Because one can just run their fingers through the hair before they walk out of the room. When the rebonding is still new, I really don't need to spend much time doing my hair in front of the mirror.
However, I have to admit that girls with wavy hair are really an eye-catcher, personally. Feminine with a bit of wildness, gentle yet confident, mature yet energetic. It does represent the current image and characteristics of women in urban cities.

Another new hair-do we can have is: playing with colours - dye! Although a lot of people looked more attractive(in a positive sense) after they dye their hair, quite a number of people looked other wise. Of couse no one would purposely pay to get oneself looked uglier than before. Maybe it's the problem with the hair stylist. Some hair stylist will give advice if they think what their customers ask for doesn't suit the latter; some for the sake of pleasing the customers, kept quiet; or maybe some were just new in this, so they might have difficulty in imagining the outcome before hand. Sometimes it is the stubborn customer who insists on the hair-do they describe and nothing but that. And there you go.

Many a time as I stare at my friends' brand new hair with beautiful dye which also suits them, I was moved! They made me start to consider dying my hair, too! Yet due to personal perception, I don't really like the image after I dye my hair. Something to do with following the (wrong)trend and not original. Yeah, I'm a bit of old-fashioned. But I do think black-pigmented hair looks healthier than dyed hair. It in a way reflects the good health status of an individual, not to mention black, too, brings out the sense of mistery of a woman :-)

On my thoughts for colouring my hair - I know better. Not only it can cost quite a lot, but the effects of the dye to our hair is something I've always tried to avoid - dry, and eventually branched hair. Since rebonding, I've tried to retain the moisture in hair by occasionally applying moisturising oil and going for treatment. Of course, I have to save up a bit for the latter, but it worths it as the result is - smooth and shiny hair. And I really feel good to look the way I like it to be.

Ladies, want to refresh your day? Call up your hair-dresser then!

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