Monday, October 13, 2008

It Rained in a Sunny Afternoon

Against the golden ray from the sun, rain drops gently decended from the silver sky. If one didn't look close enough, he wouldn't realise the silent expression of the heaven.

It was a sunny day. The cheerful sky wasn't tainted by a single piece of dark cloud. Bright sunshine. A good time to do our laundry. Maybe we can go to the park for a while. 

Yet the truth was, maybe the sky didn't feel as cheerful as we thought it was. Who said it can't rain when the sky isn't dark? Who can tell if one is smiling in front of everybody yet is actually gloomy inside?

Drizzle soon became a heavy downpour. It was too late to notice the rain when it's audible, as the laundry may not be saved in time. Yet, the sun remained shining as bringhly as ever, thorugh the branches of the trees. Leaves danced in joy, welcoming the relief in a hot Monday afternoon.

As quickily as the previous transformation, the rain slowed down. Still drizzling, but not bone-piercing. The breeze fooled the earth into believing that it's still hopeful for a walk at the park later.

It is unpredictable for the sky to rain in a sunny day. It is also difficult to tell when will the rain stop. But it will stop one day. And rainbow will hang in the sky, as the fruit bore through perseverance.

And the sun will still be shining in the sky, as charmingly as ever.


Humayra' said...

Loved this post cherlinn...
as if a poem or sumthing.
yup... still raining outside.

have fun watching the rain! (^_~)

Cher Linn Tang said...

thanks dear =) yeah, until the approval of your comment, it is still raining, haha, with lightnings some more! A good night to sleep, eh =)