Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Reason for Hula Dance ;-)

I just came back from movie at Pavilion with Justin. It was really fun, even if it rained since the evening till the time we headed back KTSN. I was contented that I went out with a friend who is not boring and willing to accompany me to satisfy my craving for movie.

The reason I wanted to watch 21 was because these days I've been craving for movies (to be watched in cinemas), and today happened to be the last day for 21 in nearby cinema in my area. The show was at 6pm. Hence around noon I started to ask around for friends who might want to join me for the outing. Justin happened to be kind enough to agree to tag along with the reason of taking some fresh air amidst his studies.

I don't watch horror movie on whatever occasion. Yet these days we have a lot of it on show: 4bia, Mirror, and whatever the names are. I also don't really watch violent/ action/ thriller/ blood-shedding-for-unknown-reason/ gun-shooting-like-the-bullets-are-not-going-to-run-out movie, alone. I watched Blood Diamond only because Albert said the plot and message were quite interesting and he wanted to watch it back then. I watched De Javu and came out remained sane because I watched it with Thompson, June and Su Yin back then.

Well, today it so happened that Justin hasn't watched Dark Knight and it's also showed at 6pm, same time as mine. I find the coincidence very amusing. We went outing together, we went for movie at the same time, but different show at different hall *laugh*.

Anyway, 21 was alright. I like the storyline, the attention-catching twist of the plot, the actors and actresses (Gosh for the first time I'm this superficial in commenting a movie), and soundtracks and etc. For whatever reason, I came out of the cinema smilling without meaning to =) It was a worthy show and the things before movie went just nice - we enjoyed our conversations and we shared (or, like Xu Vin said, "pigged on") half a dozen of J.Co donuts right before movie and they were delicious!

After movie, I saw a book on war crime in Abu Ghraib in Times bookstore. Title: Monsters, costs RM 66.90, at Current Affairs section. I really want to read the reports about US army torturing hostages or suspected terrorist in Abu Ghraib. I really wanted to know what was really happening inside there. I was nearly tempted to buy it, but, yeah, I convinced myself that I still have a lot of books on my shelf yet to be read. The main reason being the book is a little too costly for me. If next month I am going to Pavilion again and the book is still there, then I'll reconsider it again =)

As we were heading back hostel, it's still raining, though not as heavy as 2 hours ago. Luckily I brought along my umbrella and we walked to Bukit Bintang Monorail station to go to Chow Kit. From there we flagged down a cab who didn't suck the blood out of our pocket. We reached safely before 10pm. And I am still smiling, even until the writing of this post.

Have I told you how I dislike to be alone out there at night in a big city like KL? Plus, it was raining. Somehow I'm afraid of the night in KL. It's like sucking the wanderers' souls, leaving unhappy people on the street, partying their night away while in the inside, their lonely hearts will never be cheered by the neon lights and exclusive touch of high end shopping malls/ clubs.

After a day of lab and a simple outing, all I wanted was to come back hostel safely for a good night rest. And to check my mails. And maybe to blog about the night. And also some Face- "book-keeping". Hee hee~

Cher Linn IS very happy and contented. Thanks, Justin *smile*


pris said...

cool...! glad u had fun!
n u got some awesome company too huh...=)

Cher Linn Tang said...

Thanks dear =) Let me know if you're buying Forgetting Sarah Marshall *wink*

Xu Vin said...

hahahhahah. more Donut PIGS. =D
they rule the world!! LOL.
tho i hav solemnly vowed not 2 eat any more donuts for at least 1 month. (after wad wye li said bout them churning donuts in oil til they're golden brown. GGGAAAHHH)