Friday, August 01, 2008

10 Yays!

10. For the first time ever, I visited a PC Fair! I know it sounds very kampung, but what to do? I'm not a technophobe by name only ok? Yay!

9. I managed to narrow down my target printer to only 3 options, which I don't really remember the model name now, but there are 2 from Canon, and one from HP. Not bad for a first-timer, eh? Yay!

8. Tried Starbucks' Peach Frappacino today. Not bad, but I still prefer their caremel machiato. It is simply coffee-taste-buds tantalising and soothing. But still, it's a good try, yay!

7. Visited Chilis today, good foodI Oh, and no waiting list! Yay!

6. I bought myself a black blouse from Dorothy Perkins. Yay!

5. Have a good laugh today for whatever reason that the news is funny. Yay!

4. My lethal combo effects have subsided a lot and I'm feeling normal now. Thanks to my body which loves me and care for me (Dr.Rohi's famous line), I'm able to say all the yays here. Yay!

3. My computer darling has just recovered from its second viral attack within 2 weeks time. I sent it to the technician in my campus to have a look at it, again, and they healed it efficiently. Yay!

2. I bumped into Kandahar from MMU Cyberjaya at KLCC, yay! Up to this stage, I nearly wanted to do the hula dance right in the middle of Signature food court in Suria KLCC already! That gentleman is a very pleasant person to meet up with, isn't he?

1. My parents are coming over to KL tomorrow, yay!


pris said...

wow...wonderfuL indeed...glad u had fun...

pris said...

glad u had fun...n u met kandahar??

tons of YAYs!

Cher Linn Tang said...

Haha, yea, it was indeed fun to meet Kandahar =) Glad to know the post makes you Yay, too! You're so cheerful especially after the Zohan movie la, haha :-P

pris said...

errkkk...oh oh! izzit that obvious? darn...=P