Thursday, December 04, 2008

Of Awesome People

It happens after every tournament, especially Royals, my favourite tournament of the year,  irregards of whichever university as the host. We always put much emphasis on it, and send as many members as possible. Seniors will try to come back and visit us, and we'd have a lot fun with everyone's company.

UKM Junior 2 which consisted of Beatrice, Jessie and Jason broke into Semi, an achievement which's totally out of my expectation. I believe the intensive training camp before the tournament really worked. I myself saw a great leap in improvement in every speakers in the team. Beatrice has been smartly dynamic and quick in response, qualities in first speaker that I admire; Jessie has become a stronger second speaker, with better elaboration and structure, and Jason spoke with equally confident momentum to kill, not to mention the occasional astounding wits that choked us off breath.

UKM Senior 1 which consisted of Ganeshree, Darryl and Lau broke into Final, meeting UM head on. Though we settled with something less than the Royal trophy, I'm still very proud of how far the three of them had gone through to be at this stage. From their first year, second year, and third year for Ganeshree. I'm glad that I was involved in a part of the process, albeit just a little. Ganeshree has always been the lead speaker I admire - strong, confident and responsive. Darryl's analysis never failed to make us proud, despite the fact that he looked like a boy next door that can be easily pushed around, haha! And Lau's speech in final testified how he deserved to be in the Final.

Dev, Lau and Darryl's effort in red tapes must not be left out as we praise everone's commitment in the debating team. The three of them had to prepare the proposal for funding, arrange training, accommodation, transport, get seniors and juniors coming for trainings, food and etc. They've dedicated much more time and attention than we know into all these preparation to make sure that everyone's well taken care off and things go smoothly. Reliable leaders indeed, whom the team is privileged to treasure.

And the seniors, who're always here for the team: Ai Huey, Jun Hoe, Fea and Jerry, to give guidance, and Alia, Sek Kuan and Swee Kheng for their omnipresent support. Tournaments are always great with their presence. Coffee doses aside, more importantly is their genuine companies. The chance to meet up with them, albeit for a few hours, has always been undescribably great moments to be remembered. It reminds me of the time when I first started off in debate, their unfailing love and patience in inspiring me to become a better debater, and a better person as a whole. In them I experience genuine friendship that needs no words to acknowledge the fact that we appreciate each other deeply.

Last but not least, the juniors who have just joined the team, the magnet of the team. This bunch of kiddos are really interesting and adorable, everyone of them, in their own ways. They went all the way out to buy flowers for the teams, made AWESOME cards for the seniors, accused seniors as murders and conspired to kick old people out of the game early in the game, McD maniac, bimbo and random, dramatic and mischevious, warm hugs and inspiring, and many more that I really appreciate them for. If this is the way to wrap up my debating journey, I'd smile, and say that 

Thanks for making my debating life an awesome and beautiful one, I love you guys.
Missing you guys already,
Cher Linn

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Xu Vin said...

n u're no doubt as awesome as a sum of everyone else too. :P miss u loads too.