Wednesday, December 03, 2008


The comfort of sitting next to him, in a manual car. The sense of security and reliability. The casual chats and the unexplainable peace in heart. The secret joy when he missed the turning when he was talking to me.

The racing heartbeats as I turn in every night, looking forward to the next morning. Drown myself in the thoughts of him, the smile on my face needs no effort. His warm stare pierces into my heart, I can't help the addiction to this sinfully adorable boy.

The joy as he strikes a simple conversation with me, the sour as he does with others. His mistery background, his randomness, his commitment and passion, his humor, his calmness, his friendliness, his ... his ... huggableness!!

Smiling at the sunshine which melts my heart,
Cher Linn


Joan Isabel said...


taiko said...

so humsup.

Cher Linn Tang said...

Taiko! This post means nothing humsup OK? :p

taiko said...

freud see sexual repression in every neuroses, i see humsupness in every words you write.