Saturday, September 13, 2008

What A Blast!

Before this I wrote a post about having doubt about myself being appreciated.  And I talked about my birthday vs debate training.

Haha ;-) I should laugh at myself, after laughing for the whole day at everything before, during and after the training =)

Spending time with that bunch of people is still worth while. Because there isn't any boring moment with them. And I am a part of them.

They actually arranged a celebration for me. Dev kind of spoiled it while he mistakenly sent an sms to me by right it was meant for somebody else. It made me chuckled. But it's alright. At least I know that they do care for me. They wanted to make it special for me. And they gave me card and gift as if I deserve them because I'm me. 

And it's been so long I haven't heard a birthday song that is meant only to me. I have a coursemate, Ah Chew, who was born on the same day as I was. So if friends were to celebrate with the both of us, the birthday song would be for the both of us. While if my junior buddies were to celebrate my birthday with me, it'll be too few people to sing a birthday song without feeling embarrassed. Also, it's been ages I haven't spent my birthday at home because of classes and stuff.

This evening UKM English Debating Team sang me a birthday song. Debaters. Singing. Aren't they cute? ;-)

I can't deny I like to receive gifts that are specially chosen for me. Because while others are choosing that gift,at least  for that moment I've crossed their minds. It feels good that some people would want to spend time with and for you, hoping that whatever they do would make you happy.

I want to thank all of you who had sent me warm wishes. At least you spent some time dropping by to send me wishes.

I want to thank my childhood best friend Say Li for calling me up right after 12mid night to send me wishes. *wink*

I want to thank my beloved crazy ex-roommate Siok Leng for also calling me up and dropping me a great gift: After few months of courstship only now she tells me about it. I am very happy for her because she is a wonderful girl. I always think guys around her must have been blind not to see her charming personality.

I want to thank Shyang Heng for doing a trick to get my number just to wish me by phone. Thanks for making me laugh =)

I want to thank Sidek for the scented shirt. Fine, I'm very kampung. I haven't came across a scented shirt before, so it's something interesting for me, and I like it! Nice design and colour!

I want to thank Fea for spending her time to represent the team to pick a gift (book) for me. Choosing a book for a friend is never easy. You never know if he or she has read it or would prefer one category over another regarding reading materials. You never know if he or she likes the writing style of that author, or his or her standard is good enough for that level of literature. Not to mention deciding if buying a book for a friend who doesn't read as enthusiastically as she does is a good choice, too.

But I have to say she picked the right gift. These days I was thinking bookstores should give discount to students so that they can encourage a reading generation. Anyway, books are always a temptation for me ;-) It is a timely gift: The Bible : The Biography by Karen Armstrong. It is timely because I seriously need to revive my spirit for God and reaffirm my love for Jesus.

I want to thank Alia for her hugs. I always feel like never growing up when I meet those seniors who watched me grow. And I feel loved and secure whenever I'm with them, because they allow me to be imperfect.

I want to thank Lee Fang for her cookies. They are very delicious and fresh!

I want to thank Darryl and Dev for arranging all these while trying to keep it secret from me ;-)

I want to thank my KTSN juniors (namely Fatin, Kok Joo, Kevin, Lai Peng and Keh Len) who made the trip to training in Bangi not as tiring as it used to be. Thanks for the lame jokes and influences you guys have on me. Thanks for making fun of me (Gosh I'm getting retarded, how can I be thanking someone for making fun of me??). Thanks for sticking around. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Thanks for being a part of me.

Last but not least, after all the blasting events, I want to thank God for sending all His angels to me, to tell me that there are a lot of ways to show our love to someone, to God especially. I've forgotten, now I re-learn the lesson: if we love someone, we think of them, we want (or willing to sacrifice) to spend time with them, we want to make them happy with what we do. We want to show appreciation, tell them boldly that we care for them, that they deserve all the good things from us because we love them. We want to stand out for them. Irregards of what other people say, because we always have faith in them. We don't need prove to tell us that loving that person is worthwhile, because to love is to allow someone to break your heart, but trusting them not to.

And that's the way God wants His children to love Him. Isn't this an awesome way to learn?

I'm glad that at least at my final year, I really had a birthday that is a BLAST!


pris said...

OMG!!! glad for u! u're lucky really! =)

Cher Linn Tang said...

Hmm? What is it that I'm really that lucky about? You sound very surprise like that, haha =)

pris said...

u're lucky that u have frenz who remember ur burfday and celebrate it with u...=)

hmm...not surprised...just excited coz at least others are happy n enjoying themselves...=D

Xu Vin said...

cher linn happy belated bday! i missed 1 of the most important events in my uni history ggaahhh..

bt i'm so glad u had a gud bday n may God bless u abundantly for being the person u r.

Cher Linn Tang said...

Thanks, haha, "important events in your uni history"? Wow! *speechless*

You have 5 years to go ok, sure loads more events coming up ;-)