Friday, December 18, 2009

Nothing More, Nothing Less

It cannot be clearer that you didn't mean anything more than what I understand. But if this is a joke, I'll be the first one to laugh at it, at myself, at us. The first time you asked me for a date, I brought a group of friends along. The following times we went out, there were only the both of us. Neither of us had the initiative to ask other friends along, but those were not dates anymore. And I still love it. Everything in it.

The car ride and get confused with the direction with you. The movies and the way we thought of watching the same movie despite our decidophobia. The way you asked for the 2:30pm show because I suggested so even though you thought it's a bit too rush. The way we can read each other's mind about the designs of shirts and pants and shoes and neck ties and bags and decoration of restaurants and musics and voice of the live band and cooking style of the food served and the plot of the movie. The conversations that I don't expect to have with a Malaysian guy, or a guy, or anyone, or ever. The way you know the lyrics to every songs played in the radio and comfortably sing along with it in the car while admitting you're not a good singer. The way you ask me if I am still alright halfway through the movie knowing that the movie could be a bit too extreme for me. The way you hand me your wallet and ask to get the money ready while approaching toll. The way you helped me carry my tote bag as I told you my shoulder is aching from carrying it the whole day. The way you ask me if I am interested to enter a shop which only sells girls clothes and accessories, and actually enter it with me. The way you laugh at my excitement as I found a search-a-word puzzle that can keep me busy for a month. The way you don't laugh at my obsessiveness at getting the dish I want by confirming with the waiter that the two dishes at different page are exactly the same. The way you ask me help you read the sign boards. The way you love R&B songs, too.

And the way you'll always make sure you send me back personally, either by public or private transport, before you head home.

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