Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yes. You.

Stop catching me with surprises, even if you do not intend to. This weird feeling is only going to be here during this weekend, right? I'm just going to ignore it. Though it is strange that it is always here every time after I met you.

It took me two months a semester two years whole uni life ever to draw the line defining friendship and what-not. You're like a stranger to me. I don't know you anymore. You're like a part of me. Everything you do, I am awed that it fits nicely, like it is suppose to be.

You told me to stay focus, and I shall achieve it. You told me time heals, and I will get over you.

You lied.

I hate that we're better off with what we have now. I hate to finally reach the balance. I hate to keep watch at the lines. I hate what-ifs. I hate the self-controls I have with myself every time as I almost spilled out the unspeakable. I hate you don't know I'm still influenced by you. I hate the obvious fact that we complement each other.

I hate that you're the only guy who comes this close to making me tell you I love the way you being imperfect.

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