Saturday, June 13, 2009

hormone overdose

PMS hits at a very wrong timing, especially when the world seems to conspire with the hormone to make fun of me, with me easily letting them to.

1. my beloved husband (the dearest washing machine in my condo) decided to leak its outgoing water into the kitchen. There was blockage at the drainage system actually. But we went nuts mopping the floor. And it's going to repeat this tragic everytime we use the washing machine. But washing machine is my LIFE...

2. and because the washing machine leaked, I can't use the small space near it that I planned to use as a study table. My room is very small (5 feet x 7 feet) and I would really appreciate it if I can use that place. It means a lot to me because I need a GOOD place to surf the web, MSN, blogging, read news/magazines online, do revision, Bible study, leisure reading, day dreaming and 1001 other things you can do at the study table. It totally blew my hope. Hope the landlord can fix it quickly pls pls pls...

3. cannot decide if I want to go buy stuff tomorrow. Still lacking shoe shelf, nice rugs for room, iron board... Basically I'm not in the mood to shop alone but I dunno who else to go shopping with and I can't see myself bringing the iron board back with alone and... maybe I just hate being indecisive, finally.

4. internet connection is slow at the moment. It affects my MSN. I'm already moody and hope to talk to someone but it keeps disconnecting! But well, to frustrate me further, I'm not in the mood to chat with those online now.

5. and those I wanted to talk to... I've called two people, but each only lasted for 10 minutes, and probably they didn't know I was moody and I actually didn't really want to talk about the things we talked about over the phone. Those topics were sort of like my second interests because I wish I could tell them that I was feeling emo. But I guess no one will know what to do/say if I tell them that anyway. I was frustrated at myself for not making it clear that I don't want to hang up yet, that even if we breathe quietly over the speaker is a good enough conversation than trying to create topics.

6. cannot visit those at ICRC this weekend. But it's not that I'm really that important anyway, no matter how Kevin tried to be nice.

7. I'm starting work on next Monday, which is the day after tomorrow. And I'm lacking a sanctuary to do revision or read up - I can't enjoy preparing myself for work because I can't read joyfully.

and because I know I can't blame anyone, I feel even more emo.

Can't you understand that?! I called you because I want to talk to you!

edited: the third person I called today, is always the one who can cheer me up :) thanks, friend. and what you keep hee hee-ing about lar?! ;p


Xu Vin said...


it's ur 1st day of work tmr! all the best k!

emo-ing is a part of life thing. u're human to emo. i can't wait to see u again on the 27th! miss u v much. i'll miss u even more whn sem starts. no more H221 to run to..

Gine said...

then, maybe it's time for some little juniors to run to you, and you shall be their comfort :-)