Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Of Blue and Green, and the Yellow which I like ;-)

It was pretty much like a family trip - two parents and three adorable kids, went for a vacation in an exotic island away from the hustle and bustle of city. I haven’t got more pictures from Fea’s camera, here are some from mine:

Jerry says this could be a pretty profile picture. What do you think? ;-)

On the speed boat, with hair flipping and Anthony blur-ing and Jerry perasan-ing.

Sexy Kitten among luggages.

With Anthony

At McD beside the bus station.

On the bus

Before departing

Sparkling Ribena spokeperson

We were surrounded by the lively green forest and staying in resort over-looking the blue sea with gentle rocking waves. It was very lucky for us to be there during full moon. Because a romantic stroll on the white sandy beaches under the silver moon light is what I will come back for. And the lovely moment as we lie down on the beach, watching the night sky decorated with shimmering stars. If you were to bring a book to read on the beach, remember to choose the right spot so that as you drop your book and doze off, the breeze will kiss your forehead and the waves will sing in your ears.

I love the time we had meals at the cafe together. Great meal always comes with the one with warm conversation. I found that Thousand Island dressing goes well with anything, including serving as a sauce for French fries. I realised that the sight of scrambled eggs (cooked with milk) makes me happy. Yellow jelly tasted better than the green one ;-)

I will never forget the time we dared each other for things which make us laughed and cheered so loud that we received complaint from the manager. If you want to know what Jerry and Anthony did at the swimming pool, do get their permission for it. Of course I am more than willing to share. These memories last a life time, don’t they? It makes me smile from the inside whenever I recall them.


Xu Vin said...

the kitten (which i still cannot bring myself to call it sexy cz if u do dat it wil be a sex symbol ugh!) is taking over ur life cher! hahahha.. the camwhoring was from b4 u boarded the bus to when u boarded the bus, meaning b4 u even reached the place. so funny!! glad u had a blast thr. old woman reminiscing her good old days. grins.

T S K said...

so happy!

yiLiaN said...

think yellow jelly must be pineapple flavour.

Gine said...

oops, my mistake. it must be the lighting effect at the cafe, suppose it's more to light orange colour cz i think it tasted like mango flavor :)

Gine said...

Xuvin: it was Jerry who wanted to keep posing with Sexy Kitten.. ;-) He loves it more than i do i think, haha!