Tuesday, June 02, 2009

short update

Yes I've got a job in KL, as a Life Science Underwriter for an insurance company. And thank God I've also found a place to settle down in the city, with my friends I know back in uni :) I'll be starting a new chapter in my life on 15th June.

Wish me all the best with my new job, will you? In full awareness that job hopping is normal for fresh graduates who're looking around for suitable career to settle down, I want to believe that this career is meant for me, that this is a place I want to settle down and stick with. Most importantly, pray that it's God's calling for me to be here.

For those who're still having holidays, enjoy your leisure time and have a safe trip, or two ;-) For those who're hunting for jobs, may you be hunted like hot cakes. For those who're going for debate tournaments, READ UP and shine UKM name for the rest of us in the team, alright? 



yiLiaN said...

good luck, cher linn. and all the best!

Xu Vin said...

got ppl sign off as smile 1 ar.. only penangites! but u'll be working in kl n shall be revolutionised that u'll never dream of penang char kueh tiaw ever again!
(can expressions be read in blackouts?)

Humayra' said...

oho.. so u'll still be able to look out for us, ur juniors sometime rite (hopeful..)

all the best cher.. hope u'll be happy working there.