Friday, June 26, 2009

As they were passing... and passed

No one deserves to die. No one even has the right to say someone is better off dead, for the moment of returning to the Lord is always a sacred one. And the deceased should be respected irregards of what he has done during his time on the Earth, for we make mistakes too, hence shall not be the one who judges others.

May Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett rest in peace.


Humayra' said...

i totally agree!!

it is us who are still around have to take care of what we do now, for time cannot be reversed.. let the dead lie in peace and let his/her matter be between them and God.

the living should continue life, and learn to live life as best as they can.. and learn from mistakes that others had made..

btw.. u're a fan of any of them cherlinn? just wondering..

Gine said...

No, I'm not really a fan of MJ. I'm rarely a fan of any singer - I only like their songs and not the person most of the time :) Hence I didn't really follow MJ's (sensationalised) news and to be honest, I didn't know who Farrah Fawcett was until she's gone. That's a shame on me yet it makes it even more important for me to write this post. Because it doesn't have to be someone famous (for the right or wrong reason) for us to respect their departure. Even on the day Saddam Hussein was hanged, I felt a bit sorry too, for whatever reason (maybe because I haven't actually erm.. affected by his power? hmm..)

At the end I still agree that MJ was really a legendary icon in his industry - his works and performances were undeniably spectacular and impressive through ages.