Saturday, September 05, 2009

I Can Read Maps but I Lost Myself

It's been an emo Saturday. Well, partially. Or maybe it's more like a roller coaster between Yes and No throught the day.

I found that, I'm ok with NO swimming session in a Saturday. And I really think something weird is going on with me becuase I don't crave for the time to read and I haven't started a single search in the WordSearch puzzles I bought last week.

I've lost myself, including the guts to blame it to the hormones.


yiLiaN said...

yo, cherlinn. maybe it is telling you to take a break, stop swimming, stop reading, stop doing puzzle for a day or two. and go for SHOPPING!!!!! :P
enjoy ur life.

Xu Vin said...

hm i was contemplating wad time u posted this post. 9.24pm or 9.42am american time. :P

yi lian!!! i love u!!! shopping!!!! :D :D :D

u noe wad. i'm so glad i went out yesterday (again) after class. so fun hanging out w u n the rest. if i went back to my room i'd have bn emo too. i had that dreading feeling when we parted w ai huey. the ques like. wad am i doing in life. isit all bout studying. but yeah. duh i hav 2 go back study. n i knew when u asked if we could hang out again after class u were sumsort a bit emo too prob along the same lines. hehe.

ok! no more being emo! i was so inspired whn u guys started talking bout books ysterday.

Gine said...

You were inspired by topics about books, really? Wow, I never knew that it's inspiring ;-) Haha. Yeah, it's pretty obvious that I was emo right, sigh, like some pathetic working adult *gosh this makes me sounds so old!*

I think Yi Lian you've got the right treatment for me - I'm trying to suppress myself from the urge to shop because I've spent a lot during book fair, and hence the emo feeling in return. sigh. Next target - raya sales with Yi Lian! Or maybe just window shopping with you girls ;-)