Monday, December 18, 2006

my fave song2

this is another song's lyric which i just found, from lite fm's lyric station too. you may notice both my fave song1 and my fave song2 are songs that are quite old. well, like i say, they stay in heart no matter what. i simply like the lyrics and the passion of the singers when they sang the songs. i've been loving these songs since few years back. thompson says his favourite songs changed every week. mine? they'll change, but not all :-)

Dying Inside To Hold You ---- Timmy Thomas

It's turning out just another day
I took a shower and I went on my way
I stopped there as usual
had a coffee and pie
when i turned to leave
i couldn't believe my eyes

standing there i didn't know what to say
without one touch
we stood there face to face

(And) i was dying indside to hold you
i couldn't believe what i felt for you
dying inside i was dying inside
but i couldn't bring myself to touch you

you said hello then u asked my name
i didn't know if i should go all the way
inside i felt my life have really changed
i knew that it would never be the same

standing there i didn't know what to say
first time looked away when i whispered your name

Chorus 2x

one hello changed my life
i didn't believe in love at first sight
but you've shown me what is life
and I now i know my love
(i know it's coming right)

Chorus (fade)

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