Sunday, December 24, 2006

christmas wish..

Being a Christian since this Feb, suppose this's my first "meaningful" Christmas..but now, on Christmas eve, I'm sitting here, in front of this computer, writing blog, listening to michael wong's songs. Not even in the festive mood.

I'm never in the count down for whatever occasion. May it be independant day, Chinese new year, new year. Nah..always not thinking of waiting to watch the fire works. only after a few minutes of the fire works then only drag myself to search for it. It's not that I don't like these celebrations, in fact, I'd love to join them, but some worries like security, safety etc hold me back. I don't want to be snatched, robbed, molested during the moments of count down. Maybe I need a body guard, haa..or I just need somebody?

I'm doing fine single, but not when your best friends' boyfriends replaced you in their life.. or they've had a crush on someone and their situation have reached "more than a friend" stage, honestly, it's not the same anymore. They'll talk about the one they keep thinking of, and less on themselves I can only listen then, for i don even have someone for me to have crush on, ha..pathetic? Not me, those guys around me are, ha!

Nah..I do have a little crush on someone these days. But I don't think we're gonna work though. Why I'm talking about this thing here? It'll be my biggest secrets! well, simply because nobody knows about my blog here. I'm the only visitor I guess, haa. It's the place to be myself because nobody's gonna bother what I am crapping here.

My christmas wish? I'd wish for a friend who'd invite me to their christmas celebration next year, may it be in a church or family, to really feel that I am celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a blessed and warm Christmas fill with joy and love! And to Jesus, happy birthday :-)

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