Saturday, December 09, 2006

homey girl

well, alas, i'm back home! the last return was in mid september, more than 2 months i was away. of course i missed my home, not only the comfort staying at home, but the home town i'm familiar with as a whole, together with the great food she has, always call me back home whenever possible :-)

though i do think of getting myself a job during this holiday ( well, if i can help up in a pharmasi, it'll be a great practice for me to avoid me from forgetting what i've learnt during my last semester ), but my holiday is just too short... till january, i have around 3 weeks' time. but previously i couldn't even get myself a part time job for my 2 months holiday! hence, for that 2 months, i took up guitar lesson instead, hee hee, didn't earn money but spent money instead...

then i'm thinking of continuing my guitar lesson during this sem break. it's been so long i didn't practise my plucking skill. besides, i didn't bring my guitar back from KTSN this time... i always think it doesn't worth it if i only get to practise during the guitar lesson, because u've paid to learn new things, not to practise the theories which i've known. plus, i'd prefer to learning struming than plucking because one can play more songs, in front of more audience, with struming. and the purpose i took up guitar at the first place is to serve my church, you denifinitely need more struming than plucking ok? i've even bought a pick for struming! but to me, my teacher was like refuse to teach me struming... it's been several times i requested from him that i want to learn chords, but he still went on with plucking... maybe it's still too early for me to learn plucking, or maby it's his job to teach me classical plucking. guitar lesson for holiday? still considering...

one thing for sure, i'm going to finish up few books i've bought: The Witch, and Danny the Champion of The World, both by Roald Dahl, and The Bible's Greatest Story. i just finished The Witch this morning, man, i can't help to love children storey books even though i'm 20 years old now. reading, for me, pleasure comes first than knowledge. getting my English improved or my scope of knowlegde widen are only the side benefits, compare to the pleasure of plunging myself inside the thoughts of the author and indulging with the creativity, not to mention the ability to read and to comprehen are always blessings to me :-) there's another book which i borrowed from my friend Kimberly -- To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. took me like 10 mins to read the first page, great. but i still want to read it, because it's about children.

last but not least, maybe meet up my old friends and have a movie together, or mayb a lazy afternoon in starbucks, or a long night in mamak. whatever it is, i always like to meet up with them to see how they have changed, or what they are up to these days. Say Li says she's permed her hair, wow, that's a change! but i haven't got a chance to meet her yet, soon, i hope. then Kai Lee's been to bangkok last week and today's still in KL, meeting ex-matric friends. both Say Li and Kai Lee are my old school-mate now studying in USM, Pharmacy. there are loads of friends i'd like to meet up, too, especially Hsin Lin who's starting her first year in UMS, Sabah, this July. i wonder how did she find Sabah? i wonder how did she find Air Asia.. ha, because i don't quite like it la, although it's a lot cheaper compare to MAS, but for me, if i can afford, i'd rather choose the comfortable MAS to fly.

talking about luxurious life, i've always wanted a Sony MP3 player, especially the latest water-proof, cylinder-shape model. i think it's 2G, but i don't need that much memory space ok, i also don't need the water-proof function..i only like the design..the last time i checked its price, it's RM499 - 500. i know it's expensive, but i like Sony because of its good reputation in quality and it's the first ( and only ) MP3 player that can squeeze the file size of a song to a smaller size, hence, compare to the other brand of MP3 player with the same memory space, you can save more song in Sony! man, and the design of the lastest model is really cool, if not killing me, then it must be making me go insane to spend large sum of money just to purchase it, then go on diet for weeks. there's another model from Sony which i quite like it. i don't remember the model ( sorry guys, i have bad memory, even to people's names! ). it has sufficient memory space ( with the squeezing function i told you), reasonable price RM3++. the design is ok la, more stylish than other brand. so..maybe i'd just opt for this instead? Jun Hoe says the original price is RM7++ le, now is RM3++ , ha! so if i bought the latter, also considered worth it la.

and not to forget, Christmas is coming, and i've asked Thompson to take me to his church for Christmas celebration. i got to wait till he comes back from thailand then only ask him again la. hope my mum'd let me attend this festive celebration.

to end with today's blog -- Merry Christmas everyone, have a warm and peaceful Christmas full of love and joy!

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