Tuesday, October 03, 2006

for one more day

yup, it's a title of a book by mitch albom(ok, can't really remember the spelling). i get to have some lite reading last weekend, finally!! God, before this, i can't remember when's the last time i actually finish a book!

bought it from border book store, it costs some money, but i think this book worth it :-) i like what's shared by the author. if not because i needed to answer a nature call, i don think this book deserve a book mark -- u simply can't put it down!

it's about a son in great depair of his life meeting his late-mum at the minute he wanted to end his life. the author says it's a ghost story, because it involves a spirit of a dead person in the story. well, if so, i think it's the first and last ghost story i'm gonna read. personally, i very afraid of listening and reading ghost story, not to mention horror movie..no, i'd never allow it to happen to mebut for this book, in fact, i'm glad i bought it, knowing it is a ghost story.

that guy, Charley, people called hin Chick in the story( except his mother), had gone through several large downfalls in his life, continuously..he was a baseball player in World Series (his glory moment), but his team then keep loosing, so he landed himself in office work, doing sales, then lost the job, found another sales company, remained the same attitude, lost customers, fired. family? divorced with his wife, his daughter who used to love him much didn't even invite him to her wedding, informed him only weeks later after the ceremony, sad..that's the main factor that drove him to the idea of ending his life. he wanted to kill himself at his grown up place, his home. he drove all the night there, with a gun in his car, and several cans of beer. that's why, people, don drink and drive! although he didn't plan to kill himself on the road, he didn't care if he really died there.

the story begins here, after the accident on the highway. his body lying unconscious down the hill, but his spirit came out, without himself noticing it. now he even wonder whether he's a murder, because the truck which he banged into the minute before has no driver in the seat! then he had a vision about his mother comforting him, right at that moment,ha~

skip, skip...so, according to the story, it's because when someone is near the "end", he'll be meeting people from that "end" too. so u see how near he was already..

he spent a day with his mother. recalling all his childhood days at his childhood place. moments with his family, mostly with his mother. he even made a list of time his mother stands up for him and times he didn't stand up for his mother.. of course, the former touches my heart deeply, i'm touched by the way a mother can love her child this much..this is not a thick book, chick only spent a day with his mother. suppose he's died, but he spent this extra, meaningful day with his mother, that's where the name of this book comes from. for the mother, it's just an ordinary day, paying visit to her customers as a beautician. did i say his mother's died? yup, she was, and the people she's visiting were all near the end, too. the first customer of that day's going to end her life that very evening, her mum's just preparing the lady to meet her husband "later". the second customer's suffering from a cancer, not long to go too.. and the third, well, i can't remerber if she's suffering from any disease, but she's chick's father's wife, and she's not chick's mother. chick's father, Len, met chick's mother, Posey, first, then len left for war. he met this woman (forgot her name in this story though), and married her, with the idea of not going back home. it's not that he didn't want to, it's that he didn't know there might be a chance to come back. but hey, the war ended two weeks after Len had proposed to Posey! what's hapenning here? not really remember. but the fact is, Len and that women had a son. years later, Len wantedo pay his debt, he felt very guilty and sorry to that woman, so bought a house for them .when Posey found out, this caused them to split. since that day, chick's a mama's boy, instead of papa's boy, which he used to promise (to his father) to be.

i'm not good in synopsis writing, but i shouldn't miss the part of chick's life as a baseball player, because we can feel the craze of chick to baseball in the story. this craze was one of the factor making him not at home when his mother passed away.. he wasn't there when her mother was discovered dead too.. and he's feeling very guilty for that. who won't? hmm, that's all i want to talk about the craze, ha~so sorry, dunno how else to say it. just read the book la! chick was introduced to this game by his father, by the way.

i'm going to talk about my view about this book later la.

i think that's all for today la, going to leave this cc, yea, my KTSN cc.

still waiting for the vice canselor cup junior english debate report..

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